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  1. and I can agree... bought my first unit in 2015, I own 2... Always been my experience with Christiaan also... Customer service is at next level. I know if anyone asks I can point them at him and never have to be worried. G
  2. What’s your life span on the HR belts. I’m about due for another again. interesting I find my HR is suddenly abnormal low for effort then I know it’s call to Chris time. G
  3. Easy peasy. Did it for 4 yrs before I got my wife her own unit. G
  4. I've had my original unit (my unit) ... hmm 7+yrs now... not a single second of problems, 2nd unit is going on 5 yrs (wives unit), this was a refurbished unit, bought 2nd hand from Dion Guy at the time, same, no no problems, ever. will confess when I bought my original, it's a Gen one, the original reed based units, I had a unexplained problem, Wahoo SA swopped it out, no questions, what so ever, and will add had nothing but amazing service from @Christian van Zyl. I've probably bought/help sell/got friends to buy another 10, if I count quick, and none of them as had no problems either. As for price, they've actually been pretty stable through the years, if I was to think about my original price and the current prices, these units are bullet proof. I've always used mine with TrainerRoad. My wife tried Swift for a month and did not like it, have a couple of other friends on TR, Ruvy and Zwift, etc, . As I've told many people, my Kickr was the absolute best investment I've ever made in my riding. 8yrs ltr, still sticking to it. this is one purchase you can make, will not regret it and don't need to be scared. G
  5. anyone know on why Euro channel the MTB'in is on ? Other than GCN... Eurosport is a "failure" atm as it's not showing to be showed, not impressed with Euro as a means to watch Discovery+ so far. G
  6. awesme


    ... ye... this the Mens UCI Mtb was only broadcasted on Monday sucks.. if they say it's on Euro then it's on Euro at the time of the race, Not the next day G
  7. ... so i ended up buying a google stream box and subscribed to StealthStream which gives me access to everything i want and more, liking it... need to find a good consolidated calendar for all road/MTB races so that i know what to go look for/plan wknd around, together with F1 kids are hating mommy and daddy on Sundays as we take the TV over. G
  8. rather love Pyga... And get the right one for your riding, you will find allot of Pat's design over lap at the ends... allowing you to choose between 2 riding styles. Example was the Stage and Stage Max, same frame, different shock and fork setup gave the bike 2 very different capabilities. G
  9. i would say call Pyga, explain to them where you ride, how you ride, you skill etc and they will be the best to advise, they friendly... don't be scared G
  10. Ye, realise that for VPN, i need to look at country where my VPN would terminate, but realising that GCN is not stream TdF to SA region. GCN only seem to be a good option for us if we combine it with VPN, otherwise we still under the SABC/MC thumb. G
  11. thanks, i use pfSense... which should allow me to route traffic from my AppleTV via the vpn tunnel and all other traffic out the native non vpn route. ... just checking, did I miss something, does not look like GCN+ will be allowing us to watch TdF (don't see it on our schedule listing) G
  12. ok found 24/25 March and 1/2 April races above, It'ss shown as the on Demand only races in Tasmania.. still trying to figure this bloody subscription thing out, app on apple tv says monthly, profile via web says nothing. Let me ask, how do I get VPN configured for my Apple TV only? is there a VPN app for the apple tv, to get around this region blocking or am I going to have to go bigger and do it on my network, router level... G
  13. guess i found the problem... no 25-25 March, 1-2 April Oceania listed, hmm, actually not seeing Tdf either for June/July ? G
  14. would it not that then say that. then i'm back to my original question around UCI MTB series, this Oceania was one of their races. if it is blocked due to VPN then where are we re the series. G
  15. ok, stuck... trying to watch some UCI MTB (Oceania) that was early March, I've got a monthly subscription, but when I click on the to watch it tells me I need a subscription, when I check on app it says I have a monthly subscription, what figures ? G
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