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First MTB...??? Please help!


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I want to start cycling again and I'm opting for the MTB option as road cycling is becoming more dangerous by the day.


I'm not a whizkid when when it comes to MTB tech info ect. Some questions:


1. New or second hand?

2. Should I visit a local cycle shop to take my measurements to help me choose the correct bike & frame?

3. Where in the Western Cape would one get the best prices and regular specials?

4. Big Merida fan!!! Any other quality bikes out there?


Price range: R4000 - R8000


Please post any suggestions!

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1. 2nd hand if you are first time according for my suggestion as check out classfield here. Or brand new if you want to..


2. what height are you? Otherwise you can visit Local cycle shop to ask for assistance and you can try ride it before buy it.


3. So far I think the best cycle shop in CT is - Chris Willemse Cycle - http://www.cwcycles.co.za/ or whereabout you live?


4. I've Momsen, loving it. Other brand should be Scott or Cannondale.

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Go to your local dealer, sometimes you would find a nice deal on a second hand bike. I prefer new bikes.


In the past year and a half, I had a Specialized, GT and a Merida. Love the Merida the most.


Ja, and like Spiderkzn said, CWC in Bellville or Greenpoint.

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I would point you straight to Revolution Cycles if you go new. They are my LBS of choice and I live 35km away.


However..... on your budget I would say buy 2nd hand and still consider a 26" - you will get the most bang for your buck that way but take a bike savvy friend with to look at the bike and make sure it hasn't been too intimate with the drop offs in Tokai

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Looking to buy the Merida Big 9 TFS 300. CycleLab has a great special on these. 15% discount. Looking at about R8800 after discount. Would you say it's a good deal?

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