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  1. Can the bike industry stop bringing out new items I want but don't need!?
  2. It's easy, just pick your wife up from the paving...😋 I'm joking, I'm joking!
  3. https://rookcycles.com/products/rook-scout-groad-black-11-speed
  4. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bike-frames/703717/silverback-superspeed-sbc
  5. I am very tempted in buying this green machine. It seems I'm to tall for this bike.
  6. Did you contact Silverback SA directly regarding a frame only deal? A couple of years back, they could assist me and a buddy with frames only.
  7. Any local user reviews about the Bomber Z2?
  8. I made the right comment in the wrong place.
  9. I drink Oh Oh Oh Oh Oros... ...and Energade and water. I know there is better stuff out there, but this is what I use.
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