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  1. I ordered from AliExpress, got the parcel in less than two months. Quicker than their estimated time though.
  2. My partner kicks my ass on anything flat and I am struggling to keep up. I ride a hardtail and he rides a dual susp bike. But on technical terrain and most climbs I beat him. Keep in mind our weight difference. I weigh around 75kg and he around 90-100kg. My bike is Merida Big.Nine and he rides one of the carbon Cannondales.
  3. In live in the flat NC and I ride a 100mm travel hardtail XC machine. I did most of the Durbanville trails earlier this year on my bike and not once did I feel I need anything 'better'. I never felt that I needed more travel or that I need a dual susp bike. I could see where a dropper would be nice, but I never needed one.
  4. I got 4477km out of my SX chain. As soon as I noticed the 0.5 wear, I replaced it. Works for me and 4477km out of a SX chain is enough. I clean my chain regularly, depending on how dirty it is, not after every ride.
  5. If I should choose, I would rather go for a new bike, rather than a better speced used bike. This is just me (and maybe a couple of other people).
  6. Go for it. I really like the colour scheme.
  7. Where is the 'I don't know, I didn't do any research on this' option?
  8. I have one that I don't like. I currently use it. If I can get a replacement, you can buy mine. Message me if you want to chat.
  9. Why is every bike part photo, including mine, taken on the same freezer?
  10. I just replaced my 12 speed SX chain with 4477km on. I replaced as soon as I noticed the wear at 0.5. I replaced it with a GX chain. My plan is to replace 2-3 chains on one cassette and then go back to first chain, until cassette is no more.
  11. I had 3 GT bikes, so yes. I like them.
  12. This 12speed bike cost less. https://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/product/avalanche-reflex-pro-29-mountain-bike/
  13. I ride a L, bit I actually need a XL.
  14. The Hardtail Party page on Youtube has a video about long sleeve shirts. You can go check it out.
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