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Name and FAME : Phi and Cyclelab Lynwood - THANKS!


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Dear All


Though I read a fair bit on the Hub, find it hard to get time to post anything, besides most of my questions get answered by searching previous threads anyhow.


I have to say a quick thanks though to Philemon at Cyclelab Lynwood.


I took my Trek Superfly, which I am building up, in pieces to the shop. I just wanted help with the rear triangle bearings. Philemon suggested I bring in all the parts I have - he would help me with the build. He even went further and borrowed me a stem, until I get a set-up done to determine the length of stem for me.


He has also been giving me running tallies of the progress of ordering of parts... which has been a little tricky to say the least (skewers, bearings, bushes etc). So though I am waiting a bit for some parts, I am happy to know that he is tracking this for me!


Nice to deal with a fellow cyclist, who is both passionate about his work, and riding bike.


Regards Greg

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^^^ Haha ja had one of those awkward moments before, when the jubilant happiness transmutes to shock as the bill is handed over. Eish hope the costs are being kept under check and not on free reign

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so far have managed to keep costs under control (and hidden from wife) - second hand, wheeling and dealing, rebuilding hubs to 29 inch wheels. So watch this space. This last bit of work needed help with.....


I would have just gotten the wrong stuff??


will do a follow-up post....

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Cav* ..... i may just possibly give Phil a call now. This is not a good day to have one's happy bubble burst, over inflated bills ie

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  • 2 weeks later...



I happy to say my original "rave" stands, and too add, happy with the costing too. Stayed within the agreed build budget.

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