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One million vertical feet in 57 days?


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Mountain bikers seem to have an unwavering desire to challenge how far they can push their limits. For some it means jumping farther. For others it means riding a line that terrifies them. For Whistler legend Adam Billinghurst, it meant attempting to ride way more than he ever had in a single season.


The mission: to descend one million vertical feet as quickly as humanly possible in one bike park season. Armed with a GPS to track the ride, Adam started racking up the laps, and filmed every single run on his Sony Action Cam. By the numbers, completing a million vertical foot descent is equivalent to walking down the Empire State building 750 times, or down Mt. Everest 48 times. A mountain high enough to complete the descent in one run would rise past the atmosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and past the Aurora Borealis – all the way up to the orbit of the International Space Station.



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Guest Omega Man

When I went to France I did 122766 in 9 days and I was DESTROYED.


That worked out to something like 14000 in a day. Billinghurst averaged 17000 a day.

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