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  1. I have a suspicion that Grass Muncher is a duplicate account of someone here that was purely created to causes drama. I picked up a little glitch where he/she/it replied to a thread in such a random fashion that it could only point to being logged in on the wrong account. At least I troll with my primary account
  2. That will work but over time you will have water and dirt gunk up that part where the two pieces of housing come together causing the cable to bind up.
  3. This was my exact same experience about 6 months ago. Money in hand and I walked away and built my following. I will do it again tomorrow if I had to. In fact, I want to. The Following V3 is everything i could ever need in a bike.
  4. So just a whole lot of affiliate link spam disguised as an article to bikes that are sold on Amazon?
  5. Isn’t a score of 80% regarded as a distinction or A? Always aim high man!
  6. I hit the trainer at 17:00. 16:00 I’ll have a coffee, two bananas and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Holds me perfectly for the ride and until dinner at 19:30. Also helps to deal with consuming a smaller amount of food for dinner. The other 99% is swinging a leg over the bike and getting ready to suffer hard.
  7. From one DR to another Dr, the hub is a wealth of knowledge where 20% of all the members answer 80% of all the questions. Ask anything and you will get an honest answer.
  8. Try and do your test before your alarm goes off.
  9. Scott is a great brand. You're going to have a great time. Congrats
  10. Exactly who we use. I did find though that once it gets cold and you reheat it gets a weird texture. Not pleasant cold either.
  11. I'm sure we can peddle the topic of proper chain line and tension a while longer.
  12. <comic looking font>This thread has really gone backwards</comic looking font> *I can't get myself so far as to use comic sans
  13. Make sure to ride it and also ride a smaller frame in that same bike. At the end of the day the salesman gets his commission and you get a bike. Unlike his commission you have this bike for a very long time and it needs to fit like a glove.
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