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  1. never mind found my answer. NOPE it wont work.
  2. Hi Guys quick few questions. i see the new Eagle ASX does not mount to a derailer hanger but directly to the axle. was waning to use ASX to be able to quickly add or remove gears from my SS on days when i need it. its an old Niner EMD at the moment. Q1: does this require a special frame or will it work on any old frame just remove the hanger? Q2: does this need a boost wheelset with a maxle or similar axle setup? thanks.
  3. My Oldboy SS rocking new hoops from Lyne.
  4. mac but seems to be working now. restarted my Macbook.
  5. then I'm not sure what the heck is going on. I have to use Safari to post this. anyway will maybe sort its self out
  6. Howzit guys Please note this is coming from someone that is extremely technically challenged. I can't even out 8min on my microwave. for some reason this morning I can use any on the tabs on the Bikehub website on my default browser Firefox. also can't see any of the ads or pictures. is there some kind of filter that I need to deactivate or something. once again I am extremely technically challenged so any "bikehub for dumbies" help will be appreciated. thanx
  7. i would go to the corner and pick up one of the many guys there looking for a peace job and give him the tyres for the day to clean. bit of job creation and gets the job done.
  8. bottom of delta is the one spot, another and the spot in question is that little climb up to the big intersection in victory park. as you go thought that little dip there is a route that goes to the left that has a no entry sign on the way up. cause that is a little flow line for the guys coming down from the intersection. another is the line below old Parks once you cross the bridge and going down the powerline section.
  9. yeah. had a similar conversation on the Spruit with a cyclist going the wrong way on a on way trail. He had just ridden past a sign that said so. Such a pity when people have at their own expense created and marked trails just for some people to flat out ignore the signs. Unfortunately thanks to social media and everyone being told how special they are we living is a more and more Narcissistic self important, self absorbed world. Its so sad to see that good old fashioned values, morals and manners don't exist anymore, and i'm not only talking about the younger generation, see it in guys my age. One of my favorites is when you step aside to let someone in through a door before you and they don't even have the decency to acknowledge the act with a head nod let alone a thank you. but that a whole other thread.
  10. yeah also had a woman running on the MTB trail k@k me out because i came around the corner to fast and gave her a fright. she would have heard my bell had she not had her earphones in.
  11. definitely not. you guys have proper mountains there
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