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Hello all,


Does anyone have more information on A 1 Bikes in PIETERMARITZBURG? they have some good deals on OLX and on their website, but am a little sceptical about purchasing a bike on line.



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I've never heard of them. I live in PMB.


I'm not saying it's necessarily dodgy - I just don't know of any shop under that name.


Might be an individual running a little side business selling bikes on OLX...?

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Pretty sure it's a con. Never heard of them. I'm also in PMB.


I contacted a similar advertiser who stated they where in PMB and got a long story that they not actually in PMB. They state that only for advertising purposes. Mine was a con. The user name was Randombikes. They want 70% upfront and 30% once delivered.


I was looking at the Scott foil R2. They promised me they have stock of all sizes. I got my LBS to get me a price and availability and guess what......nothing. All sold out over a year ago.


Be carefull!

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