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  1. What a great job, Rob. You've really done that frame justice. Glad it's gone to a good home.
  2. Hey! I did. Sold all my bikes bar the X. Starting running. Been a nice break - almost 4 years! Kids are older now and riding so it’s time to get back into it...
  3. Hi all See ad below. Contemplating getting back into SS mtb’ing if anyone has a worthwhile swop. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/383268-cotic-x-offers-or-swop/
  4. Hi All See ad below if anyone’s interested. Looking at reviving my SS mtb days if someone has a swop... https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/383268-cotic-x-offers-or-swop/
  5. Provided your 26" frame has canti bosses...
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback Frosty - we're glad you enjoyed our event. Ryanpmb - Husqvarna SA
  7. Stoked with my new 'real' beast...
  8. Done... my Cotic Simple trail machine...
  9. I've my hands all over that X. She's real sweet, but can be dirty . Enjoy the ride.
  10. I don't spend that much time here anymore, and only came across this thread today. I shed a tear when a got towards the end and read the sad sad news. Tumbleweed and I shared a common interest in many threads and it's through these interactions and reading many of his posts that I 'know' him. We have never met but he is one of a group of hubbers that I would have liked to have met. To me, the fact that I am so sad over the loss of someone I have not met, is testimony to his character. Tumbles, your pics, comments, stories of your pooches & your presence will be missed. RIP friend.
  11. I can supply a 853 sticker for R8.
  12. Now someone's just showing off.
  13. 100% Not discouraging any sales. As I said above - pretty sure amongst this fraternity that most guys keep things genuine. If we see a Giant with one these stickers then we know! Haha!
  14. If it ain't 853 it shouldn't be decal'd 853.
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