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Garmin Connect graphs not loading


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I recently bought a Garmin Edge 510 (love the thing), the problem is that when loading a ride onto garmin connect none of the graphs load. All the info on the left tab (speed, heart rate, cadence, etc) loads but no graphs.

When I upload the rides onto strava on the other hand, the graphs and GPS route are there


Does anyone know how I can correct this?




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It is rubbish but I need to load data on there for medical aid purposes

Strava is obviously my first choice

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I had the same problem a while back. Drop down the drop down tab under each graph and select the second line (Although it is blank). Worked for me.

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Maybe either your flash or Java needs updating (not sure which the site uses)

I've updated my flash player and java, still nothing. I know its got something to do with my laptop as when I view it from another computer everything loads fine

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