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Rockshox toro U-turn 289 Harder Spring


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Hi guys.


Where can i get hold of a harder spring for my rockshox toro u-turn 289? for like 85kgs and up?


Is it worth buying second hand or new rather?


If any one has one for sale, Please mail me.




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Just checked, the agent has stock. Will set you back around R 450 depending on the shop - I doubt you'll find a secondhand one in a hurry unless someone has a trashed fork lying around.


Your location says Howick, Western Cape - if it's WC, I'm in Obs and can have one for you by Thursday if you like, otherwise your LBS can hook you up.

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Thanks man. I live in Howick but im studying in the western cape. I am looking around for a friend of mine and ill get back to you asap!

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i Also need one of these.. Ill post the picture now. any idea on where to get one.. I have a rockshox reba sl like an 09 model and i need one to stop the top oil leak. Thanks man


the 1st image: i need the thing in that persons hand.


2nd image: I need that black "cap" like thing. Thanks manpost-37986-0-95469400-1383725320_thumb.jpgpost-37986-0-78608300-1383725364_thumb.jpg

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