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Teva bites the dust: calls it a day on MTB products


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HayleyEarth: your shoes just hit instant classic status. Keep those suckers clean!


Big 5.10 fan, but I always did fancy me a pair of Tevas. Sad to see the market shrink.


All good things must come to an end, or so they say. Such is the case with Teva’s bike program. After entering the market as a serious contender during the summer of 2011, Teva will cease production of its mountain bike line and support of athletes and events in 2014.


At less than three years old, the Teva Links are destined to soon become classics.

But why? The team behind the lineup certainly has an incredible amount of passion for the sport - the crew here at Vital can vouch for that. In the end, though, it was strictly a business decision. Keep in mind that Teva is owned by Deckers Corporation, a publicly traded company, and at times decisions can’t always be based on passion.

When we were informed of the decision late Friday afternoon, we immediately sent a list of questions to Teva so we could share the details with you. When we awoke this morning, the answers to the questions were in our inbox. The timestamp said 1AM. Fresh off the clock, no doubt exhausted and excited for her weekend, Teva’s PR manager Jaime Eschette spent what remained of her Friday evening behind the computer to tell the story. That’s commitment we can relate to. “I wanted to really express to you guys the real thoughts the team has around this change. I know some might think it’s corporate speak, but those of us that know the people behind the curtain know the sincerity in all of this.”



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