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Engine Dynamic - League issues


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Some female league team started before the AL group. We overtook them 20 minutes into the race and then they overtook us with their 2 support vehicles just as we entered Wellington area.


When they overtook us they slowed down, and so we wanted to get passed but the front supporting vehicle kept on ramming us of the road, swerving towards us to either crash off the road or brake hard hoping that no one behind us ram into us.


The guy kept doing that until me and another guy made another attempt to get passed. When I got next to him I yelled at him that I'm going to report him for negligence driving as well as for assault to cause bodily harm. He just kept yelling us that we need to keep back and that we are not allowed to pass.


The female group picked up speed and again in Wellington main road we had the same situation. This time we went far around the outside and passed them - now the person in the secondary vehicle yelling at us to fallback. We ignored and dropped them.


Now I just finished reading all the rules on the PPA site. nowhere do I see this crap of falling back to be a rule. Also nowhere do I see that if you contravene this rule I can't find, that managers are then allowed to drive you off the road.


What I have read however was that if there is such a situation of league vs non-league then the marshal must handle it. There were not any marshals to handle it!


I quote:

Each PPA League category will have at least one Commissaire and/or Think Bike marshal and/or other official (jointly and severally referred to as the “officials”) following the main / front group.

PPA League riders are at all times under the guidance of the officials. It is the responsibility of the officials to, should a PPA League group catch a non- PPA League group (or vice versa), instruct the PPA League group to pass the non- PPA League group (or vice versa) as soon as it is safe to do so. PPA League riders who are still in the main group may not pass until they have been so instructed and only while the instruction stands.

Our race time were severely penalized with this ordeal and would never want to go through this again.

I'm phoning PPA on monday to find out what the hell is this league manager attitude rule crap.

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you might be refering to the race ref and 1 support vehicle.

i am not a race comm but from my experience the race ref should have neutralised the women when u guys passed them and instructed your group to push up the pace a bit to create a reasonable gap - this would have taken only a few minutes. then the women would have been able to resume their racing. if they had still then caught your group then he should of applied the same conditions to your group.

ideally the race ref should be driven so that he can convey instructions to riders.

that the support vehicle behaved the way you said it did is totally unacceptable.

drop me a pm with all the details

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