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  1. Is Silvermine West already open / opening this month? It's not clear from this extremely vague statement.
  2. good tip. Honestly, I could have just paid them today, but I am so over the inefficiency and cock ups that I have experienced with SAN Parks. - My first Wild Card took 5 months to arrive, and I was not credited with the missing 5 months - valid from the day of purchase. - When I renewed my card recently, I received an email stating a new card would arrive in 6 weeks - nothing - phoned them after 3 months to be told 'just use your old one, we reactivated it' - so 3 months sitting around waiting for something I didn't need. - Then today I actually try to use the thing for the first time, and I'm told I need to stump up another R120 - the only valid response at this point was thanks but no thanks.
  3. No, I did not pay it. I went in anyway, without paying, had a chat with the rangers sent to find me, then went to the visitor centre, chatted some more, found out I was in for R120 and at that point I told them I was not interested and went home. So I did manage to get about half an hour of riding in without getting ripped.
  4. Yes, totally happy to pay for trails. Not so much for tar roads, where I was led to believe my R430 Wild Card would be sufficient.
  5. Another thing I discovered today - you need an activity permit to get mugged on Black Hill as well. If the pipe-wielding bandits don't get you, the rangers will.
  6. R60 applies to " north of Table Mountain National Park?" Cape Point is 2x the price, and having a valid Wild Card does not help you when you are on a bike. Apparently rules changed recently - in July. The whole system is ridiculously confusing. You need to spend hours phoning and reading their site, and even then you might not get the story straight as to how much you are in for.
  7. Not a mistake - I phoned the boss, who tried to find the part on the website that states I have to pay - eventually gave up and told me the tar roads in Cape Point are categorised as trails. This part made me laugh, because they are in such a *** state that you could almost say she is right.
  8. Tried that today and they sent the rangers to find me. Nice people, *** organisation.
  9. I have a valid Wild Card, purchased mostly so that I can ride my road bike in Cape Point reserve, which is reasonably close to my house. On the SAN Parks and Wild Card websites, there is mention of activity charges for MTB (as most of us are aware), but *nothing about road biking*. Every reference to any kind of cycling activity to be charged for, (understandably, given trail maintenance costs and perhaps also security issues) is phrased as 'mountain biking'. Today I discovered that road biking is also somehow an 'activity'. Despite being in possession of a valid Wild Card, which allows me free entry into the reserve in a car, if you come on a bike, you also need to pay *R125* for the day, even if it's no more than your chosen mode of transportation, and will not be ridden on any trails. I'm happy to pay for an activity, if that activity requires some kind of expenditure by SAN Parks - ie. trail maintenance. However, as the rider of a 7kg bicycle on a tar road, in my view I should actually pay less than a car, which actually has financial overhead in terms of road maintenance. In short, it's a huge rip off - feels like we are being punished for using bikes instead of cars, and the roads are in poor condition anyway, despite Cape Point being a huge money-spinner for SAN Parks which bankrolls a large proportion of their organisation.
  10. If riding your bike in someone else's work togs makes you happy then go for it. Personally, I like to pick out my own outfits. Pedalling around like a logo bukkake is also best avoided in my opinion, unless those logos paid for your kit of course, and not vice versa.
  11. Fit a disc and a bigger ring and sub-3 unicycle glory is yours.
  12. Top of Hospital Hill, 35 minutes, royal wave to every spectator along the route, BBQ Smokehouse, Woodstock full rack of ribs for breakfast, 1hr 35 minutes, Westlake turnaround 2hrs 20 minutes, top of Hospital Hill 2hrs 50 minutes, framestand victory parade all the way down to Heerengracht for bonus points.
  13. Now I know why I haven't bothered with the level of debate on this site for 2 years.
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