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Golani Cyclist Protection System

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Bicycle hijacking is a huge problem in South Africa. Cyclists, especially mountain bikers, are targeted due to the value of the cycles and the fact that they very often ride alone or in very small groups, through very secluded areas.

http://www.golaniprotect.co.za/product_images/uploaded_images/heinrich-small.jpgHeinrich Hayes, the inventor of the Golani Protect Cyclist Protection System, lives and breathes personal protection. His impressive CV contains the following:

- Certified Instructor of Golani True Krav Maga system

- Various Weapons Trained (Certified SAPS & Golani - Specialist Security)

- Certified Air Marshall

- Certified SWAT Officer

- Certified Close Protection Officer

Two years ago Heinrich wanted to develop a way for cyclists to protect themselves against attacks from criminals wanting to harm them and steal their posessions. The Golani Cyclist Protection System is the result of this need to help cyclists.

The Golani Cyclist Protection System consists of two major components:

  1. Hardware

    1. A telescopic baton with two very unique ways of attaching it to you bicycle
    2. A 20ml direct spray Pepper Spray cannister with a quick release mount that can be fitted to your bicycle handlebars


  1. Successfully defending yourself against an attack takes more than just being armed with a baton and pepper spray
  2. It is very important to know how to handle yourself and your weapons
  3. For this reason we have developed training that will teach you exactly how to handle yourself
  4. Everyone that buys the Golani Cyclist Protection System will automatically qualify for a free training session at one of our studios nationwide

[*]Contact Golani Eastrand

Heinrich Hayes

083 958 8440







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