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Was in the market for a full sus bike and at most shops you go in CPT something just does not feel right. Went to Lance at the epic bike shop and it feels like walking into my home. I think the most important thing when buying a bike is customer service and the way the people talk to you. What you pay for a bike I think comes second to client service. Not only do you get great service but also the best deals there. I am not the most knowledgeable guy on bikes in the world and at certain places especially in plumstead the guys make you feel like a idiot.


There are stores that think that business will just keep coming and to hell with you after you purchase. In my opinion if you want anything bike related there is no better place than the epic bike shop.


The other point I liked is that there was no shooting down any other brands and stores, I was just given the specs on the bikes that was in my price bracket, no mater if they stock it or not.


If you looking for something pop in there and you will never be disappointed.

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