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Blackberry problem


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I have an issue which hopefully someone can assist with - I can log onto www.thehubsa.co.za through the browser, but the moment I try and click on any link, be it to log in, view a thread, anything, it boots me back out to my browser home page. If I click on a link via twitter, it will go to the first page fine, but again, if I click on any of the links it reverts back to the browser home page. It used to work fine, but for some reason now it doesn't. Coincidentally it does exactly the same thing with the Superbru site.....

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Dude, I'm not hugely technical, but I had a similar issue with any site that required processing power on my BB. So if a site had dynamic content or opened an in website app I'd just go back to homsecreen.


Had to clear my cache and also had to get the latest settings onto my BB. Suggest you call the data support line for your network. Vodacom is 082 155

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