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  1. Hi Where can I go to get track bikes?
  2. no ways am I depreciating a 12 month old bike by 50% - you are smoking your epo!
  3. Thanks for all the help. I tried the First Ascent ones. (they are by far the coolest looking) But after just wearing them for 10 min I found them still a little cold. The LG were amazing, very warm and comfortable, but I couldn't find anything under R500! I ended up getting the Adidas ones from CycleLab. Really top thermal properties and not too expensive. I didn't even want to take them off afterwards. (PS: Cyclelab were surprisingly cheap on the First Ascent. They were R50 cheaper then sportsmans warehouse)
  4. Glad you are okay... Well done on taking it to them. You don't ever know what you are going to do in situations like that; until you are actually in the situation... A frikken gynormous bastard tried to mugg me a year back and I just leaned into his ear and quietly told him what I was going to do to him. (not that I could have done much really, he was huge) But, afterwards I couldn't really believe I did that... Just glad that you are ok.
  5. Dude, a kilo ??? Not knocking you, but how do you figure that? thought these things only weighed 15g
  6. So I have to get myself some hardcore arm-warmers, or I just wont be getting to do the training that I need to do. Can anybody recommend a brand or a product? (oh and I'm not skinny, so I need something that wont stop the bloodflow in my biceps)
  7. I really don't think you get better value for money than a Jura... even though they are a bit over your budget. Ps: it may save you a bit of moola to look at the Prestige Foamer instead on trying to buy an integrated foamer. I picked up a Prestige foamer from Checkers at R250. and I am 110% happy with it... in fact it's been my favourite new toy for the last 4 months. (it's a spindle foamer, not a pressure steam foamer) Happy shopping!
  8. Dude - if you know what you want, then go straight to the LBS in Westdene. Those guys will probably give you a 15% discount as well.
  9. I'm in sales - but my Golf sucks. I'd love to take a client out on a Ride or two. Just never want to take a client FOR a ride... MTN Tour of Legends has this sort of "business while mountain biking idea"
  10. Dude, I'm not hugely technical, but I had a similar issue with any site that required processing power on my BB. So if a site had dynamic content or opened an in website app I'd just go back to homsecreen. Had to clear my cache and also had to get the latest settings onto my BB. Suggest you call the data support line for your network. Vodacom is 082 155
  11. Really sad to hear this. I ran the Northgate race this year and she won the ladies title with a blistering time. Sad, so sad to hear this.
  12. Thank you guys! Really appreciate the input! Gators it will be. I missed the R350 price at the expo. I know cos I had a good chat with the guy and he wouldn't drop. I can only that think they started running low on stock and put the price back up to R480. went to 2 LBS's yesterday and neither had stock. Will check in with Solomons next week and ask nicely for a good price. Will also see if the guys at Westdene have a 15% off deal again. Thanks, Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am about to be making yet another cycling comeback. When I left off (2yrs back) I had been having some problems with my tyres. Basically, if I rode over a small stone at 25km/hr or faster - I'd get a leak. I looked at Gatorskins at the 94.7 expo and I'm not sure I can afford 2 at R480 each. The salesman said that Bontrager had a strong tyre at R250 each. Are they any good? Any other suggestions? is there perhaps a link to a similar topic? thanks for the help
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