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Great service from Cycle Lab Lynnwood


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Good Morning peeps,


I had a great experience from Cycle lab Lynnwood this week and mainly thanks to Phillimon Sebona [Workshop Manager I believe].


Going back to the start, I bought Hayes Stroker Trail brakes from a friend the other day and the hydraulic hose for the rear brakes was too short because it came off a Medium frame. So the search began [last Saturday] to get a new hose to install the brakes on my bike before this weekend [Race on Saturday and Sunday]. I went to maybe 10 shops in and around Pretoria trying to find a new brake hose, but no luck. I even considered ordering a hose from CRC and waiting the 4-6 weeks for it.


On Tuesday, knowing that they don't have stock of what I needed, I went to Cycle Lab to have a look at their "universal" braided hose kits, but no luck. Phillimon suggested that he will phone the supplier and hear if they might have hoses for my brakes. Just my luck, Cycles Africa [supplier to many LBS] had only 1 hose for the Hayes Stroker trail and it was 1900mm, exactly what I needed. He phoned me a few times with updates on the order and price to make sure that I get what I need.


On Wednesday, Phillimon had the supplier 'overnight courier' the hose to me from Cape Town and it arrived yesterday afternoon. Good to see that people will go the extra mile to help you out!


Thanks Phillimon and Cycle Lab for the great service!

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And the new store is so USA type service/presentation orientated - well done Cyle Lab >>> now can we get a similar store down here in Cape Town ? not that I can complain about Cycle lab CT - it's just so small in comparrison !

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