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PWC cycle park


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Went riding in the park 2 weekends past, was rather sad to see it had deteriorated so much.

The intermediate paths that used to be a decent challenge were very easy. With experts paths giving some challenge, however this was mostly due to them being overgrown.


I'm not trying to berate the park, but it's certainly no longer a place one can sharpen up on technical skills. And certainly not as good as it once was.

I got the distinct feeling of a place that is run down and no longer under any guidance.



Am I the only one who feels this way or have others experienced the same?


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We went riding there beginning of January and were also dissapointed with the condition of the trails, especially considering the amount of work being put in on the deck and future restaurant.


They did have a team clearing some of the trails that day, so was hoping that this would have been sorted by now.


The routes on the "other side" of the highway were the worst and needed some serious work.

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Hey guys, to keep things neat and tidy, do you want to keep the chat going on the thread that Pieter1 mentioned above ?


It will also allow the new owners insights into how some clients feel.


So going to close this one.

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