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Roval carbon rims - yes or no??


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Remember to ask what the copper washers you must use in the build weigh.... #justsaying

I've seen 29er wheel sets they've built come in under 1500g. 

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I've seen 29er wheel sets they've built come in under 1500g. 

That is far more a factor of hub and spoke choice than rim weight... stil - if you need to use copper washers under your nipples to spread load then you have to ask why.... and what the side effects of that are.

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Please help. Is it worth buying roval carbon wheels with spesialized hi low hubs. Will it be a good upgrade on what I currently have? I currently have dt swiss rims on slx hubs. Whats a good secondhand price for the roval wheels.



I had a set of DT Swiss wheels with thehbi-lo hubs and a novatec freehub.  The freehub used to give in every three months.  The hubs were fine.  This was a 2012 edition so maybe its better now.


I then got a set of Roval SLs (alloy) with DT Swiss hubs - awesome rims and the hubs and freehub are super.  In 3 years I only replaced the bearings once on the hubs.  The spokes did break now and again, but that may be normal (I'm 87kg)


Now I have Roval Carbon wheels with the Dt internals - about 4 months now.  So far so good.


Generally been very happy with the Roval rims and DTs swiss internals that specialized put in the hubs.  Only complaint was the hi-lo hub freehub

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