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  1. I have a "Riva bicycle lift" rated up to 20kg - they come up for sale locally often. Looks like this - https://www.wantitall.co.za/tools/rad-sportz-bicycle-hoist-quality-garage-storage-bike-lift-with-100-lb-capacity-even-works-as-ladder-__b000peuriq?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn6fenp2i6QIVSbDtCh1fSAH_EAQYByABEgJsT_D_BwE Otherwise, chat to William at Thule in Woodmead - they have solutions too. Here is another one https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/452801314/Tork_Craft_Bicycle_Roof_Storage_Space_Saver_Hoist_Bike.html
  2. I suspect it is a fairly small market for cycling specific coffee cups - although I do have some Assos mugs, and if you look around you probably could find some quite easily locally - but I prefer fairly plain rather than specific decorative things.
  3. Those were done by Circa Ceramics - don't think you can still buy them - but Etsy.com is probably the place to look for similar - or have them made locally - https://za.rapid.studio/site/products/c/homeware/mugs could probably do something for you - you might need to find the cups first.
  4. There is a whole block of moving metal in the pedal - just make sure that block is properly lubed
  5. I have a set of shimano spd's I have been using since 1991.... broken many sets of spuds - never again.
  6. Lubricate the moving parts on the pedals - use a very thin oil that penetrates between the sliding parts - might take a couple of applications, but they will improve significantly - Q20 or 3 in 1 or tool in a can or similar should do the trick - it is kind of hard to see where it has to go - just spray on all the cracks you can see and then clip in and out several times and repeat - then wipe off the excess off the pedal.
  7. It's more a question of what defines right - pm me your whatsapp number... I will send video - you be the judge...
  8. Wayne - just a question - nothing to do with NZ - how far do I have to be able to ride that damn unicycle of yours you so kindly donated to me before you consider it as being able to be ridden? It's been my lockdown project for a couple of weeks.... after some time on hold I took it out again.
  9. Had the boys on the hub been nicer to OldCoot, he might have posted the legal opinion he got that has facilitated these openings here... as well as the conditions... Personally, I think the cycling industry in SA will be grateful for his leadership in taking the initiative on this - as well as putting his money firmly behind the industry.
  10. Yes.... speedwobbles, blood and pain.....
  11. Put some copper slip on the axle - across the full length - worth a go before stripping down a hub
  12. https://www.paragonmachineworks.com/ will have
  13. I have seen 3 spinal fractures this month in cyclists... fortunately all relatively minor - but 2 required some surgical intervention.... All these videos of garden tracks and obstacles lead people to do things they don't have skills for.
  14. I will just lend you my unicycle... you will experience pain in ways you don't want to experience pain...
  15. They work fine for 80% of my tools - and are particularly good for small parts and things like nuts and bolt storage - easy to see everything without opening a million little drawers - also the big ones are nice to fit straight edges and levels and such - mostly because they are big.. On my big roll away, the long drawers are deeper, and I hate having things on top of each other - although that happens in the deep drawers a lot. I often consider trying to re-engineer 2 drawers into a single deeper one though - I am sure it will be possible - just have not got around to trying yet.
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