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  1. Giant need a good warranty as the frame breaks at the seat-toptube interface at least once per year...speaking from experience having owned one previously
  2. These are both great doctors. Also Dr Pollak or Leith Stewart in CT. Danie Morkel - hmmmm.....do some reference checks on him I'd suggest
  3. I had a set of DT Swiss wheels with thehbi-lo hubs and a novatec freehub. The freehub used to give in every three months. The hubs were fine. This was a 2012 edition so maybe its better now. I then got a set of Roval SLs (alloy) with DT Swiss hubs - awesome rims and the hubs and freehub are super. In 3 years I only replaced the bearings once on the hubs. The spokes did break now and again, but that may be normal (I'm 87kg) Now I have Roval Carbon wheels with the Dt internals - about 4 months now. So far so good. Generally been very happy with the Roval rims and DTs swiss internals that specialized put in the hubs. Only complaint was the hi-lo hub freehub
  4. I've got a 2011 Epic with a Rochshox Reba Brain fork on it. I'm pretty tired of the brain and its ridiculous service costs. I've heard you can replace the damper on these forks with a standard Rockshox one. Anyone know which damper one has to order. Also, is it an easy job or something best left to the pros?
  5. its quite commonly accepted that standing is less energy efficient than sitting but you get more power through than sitting. Check out this video of Contador talking about climbing
  6. yeah he looks like a bit of a chop rider....interesting, in australia, cyclists are allowed to take the entire lane and cars have to switch lane to pass. on roads with no shoulder, this is recommended rather than ride on the left
  7. 810 only has bluetooth to upload rides via the cellphone....unfortunately it can't receive fitness data via bluetooth, only via ant
  8. I bought my first Assos bibs 5 years ago and never looked back. I still have that pair and even though they have faded a bit they still fit super well and the padding is in good nick. I ride the old ones on the MTB for short rides in case of a mishap
  9. you know there are other countries where it is winterish still
  10. Hi Guys I decided on the Wahoo Kickr and am very happy with it. I've used CVT and Kinomap software to try routes around the world and both are awesome. CVT even has Helshootge pass in Stellenbosch as a route and knowing that route very well I can say that the indoor version is pretty accurate, although the first hill seems a bit milder indoors than reality but the rest is pretty accurate. Would be great to organise some online rides with folks around the world if anyone is keen. i'll check out Zwift next - still recovering from Alpe d'Huez!
  11. Thanks for the tips. Decided to get the Wahoo unit and the Cyleops Software
  12. Thanks for the info. The Powerbeam looks pretty much on par with the Wahoo unit if I search online. Can I ask, what software do you use to ride video routes? Does the trainer automatically adjust resistance depending on the profile of the video route?
  13. Spez frames are very good....Ive settled on them for MTB and never had a break or crack, although I hear the s-works ones are a little more prone to cracks given that they're thinner
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