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System Six beats Tarmac in Tour Magazine System Integration test

In the latest issue of Tour Magazine, Germany, they take a detailed look at System Integration, the importance of stiffness with regard to ride quality and two leading bike brands using the technology. The bikes tested head to head included the Cannondale System Six Dura Ace and the Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL. The results were exactly as expected. The Cannondale System Six  triumphed over the Specialized Tarmac and was the overall test winner with 62 points.

"Cannondale introduced the Hollowgram crank and bottom bracket technology six years ago, nowadays it?s part of all Cannondale high end bikes.  The crank, made of aluminum, is the bench mark in terms of stiffness and weight, and is a full 62 grams lighter than Dura Ace."

"When we compared these two frames and systems to the stiffest frame we ever tested (the Canyon F10) we found that the already stiff System Six frame, in combination with the SI system provided the same stiffness numbers found in the Canyon.  The Tarmac SL, even with its super light bottom bracket, was significantly less stiff."

"The highlight of the System Six is its oversized front end.  All these features show that the main objective of the System Six design is stiffness."

"The Cannondale handles very well. Once again, it's obvious that Cannondale has a special feeling for geometry and bike set up.  The 7.1kg lightweight bike convinces us with an incredible ride feeling."

It?s no wonder that Cannondale prevailed in this head to head test of System Integration. After all, it?s been part of our manufacturing philosophy for over 15 years. It?s in our blood. It?s what we do. It?s what makes a Cannondale a Cannondale.  The bicycle industry works with a number of constraints that can stifle innovation. BB30 is a free international standard that both frame and component companies can utilise to offer consumers more choice and better performance. The BB30 International Standard provides the specifications for an oversized bottom bracket shell for a bike frame. This standard allows for direct-fit, pressed-in bearings and a 30mm spindle.  Other bike manufacturers have recently recognised the benefits of a larger BB. Specialized has recently adopted our standard for their F.A.C.T crankset.  Learn more at www.bb30standard.com

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