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  1. Hi everyone Im part of a development program at work, and to kick off the program we've been given a challenge: create a short YouTube clip on 'Health and Wellness', and the person with the most views on YouTube by 14 August will be declared the winner. If you don't mind, please give it a quick view - it has a good message on why a healthy lifestyle is important. Here's the link below: Thanks. Pieter
  2. Yeah, what has happened to George? He dissapeared from the scene completely after getting sick at Trans-Alps (if I recall correctly). Haven't heard of him doing a road or MTB race since. Did MTN fire him, did he leave or is he still with them?
  3. They also made a Madone out of chocolate. No jokes.
  4. Haha, ja we have none of that here, but with traffic and taxi's I can see why no one would want to train here. I'm coming down in January so maybe I'll be lucky enough to spot some of those guys on the road. Went to the Eindhoven TTT (when the Pro Tour was in its first year and all 20 the teams had to take part in all the events) and managed to sneak into the warm-up area inside a big hangar-like building where all the team buses were parked and all the riders on their rollers. I was still a kid and had only seen these guys on tv before. was one of the coolest days ever for me.Phen2009-11-24 02:38:04
  5. Wow, didn't know Ciolek also trains here. Super talent that guy!
  6. Good luck with your venture. You'd have to pull out all the stops if you wanna compete with the KOB. Live racing commentary will be greatly appreciated by a lot of folks
  7. Some of them are worse than others (particularly the two closest to the golf course - their angles are completely wrong and it's like hitting a wall). These things can't be good for roadbikes. Broke a spoke by going over on of them at a fairly low speed last week. Pity they cannot make 30cm on each side for roadies to pass. It will still slow down cars and I'm happy to take the risk of running into an animal on my bike (the chance of this happening is not gonna be much different whether I'm doing 28km/h or 40km/h). It's great what they're doing on the MTB side, but they're killing an awesome training place for roadies (and in Pretoria there are few enough nice places to ride).
  8. All the speed humps are just a pain in the arse for the roadies, but I suppose it's a fair trade for the enhanced safety, wildlife and MTB routes, so won't complain. Still one of the nicest places to train in PTA.
  9. Pantani, is that Darren Lill in the bottom right hand corner of the photo (and on one of the other pics)?
  10. Possibly another medal coming before the end of the championships.Phen2009-09-04 00:19:20
  11. Lap 4 Stander starts the 4th lap with a gap of 51 seconds on Vuillermoz. Litscher 3rd at 1:11, Sagan 4th at 2:02, Fl?ckiger 5th at 2:04, Soto 6th at 2:06, Konwa 7th at 2:32, Wengelin 8th, Vinit 9th, Lukas Kaufmann (Switzerland) 10th. At the first feedzone, Stander has 57 sec on Vuillermoz. Litscher in 3rd is at 1:33 back. Sagan now alone in 4th at 2:40, Soto 5th at 3 min, Konwa 6th at 3:20. Fl?ckiger appears to have had a problem (crash or mechanical) as he has dropped back to 22ndPhen2009-09-03 23:24:18
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