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Durbanville to Stellenbosch commute


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Dear Hubbers


A student here looking for some commuting, route and safety advice.


I’m very interested in commuting daily with the road bike, from Durbanville to Stellenbosch, and back. In the mornings I’ll leave at 07:00 and get there at 08:00, and in the afternoons I can ride back at ~12/1 or on some days 4pm, depending on classes.


I’m considering 3 route options, and that’s where I want to ask what you think will be safest. Safety (with regards to getting hit by a car, as well as being attacked/mugged by a person) is my biggest concern, and the only thing holding me back.


1st option is Bottelary road and then the R304 into Stellenbosch, past Kayamandi. That last part is obviously my main concern, but maybe at 8am, with cars sitting in traffic there, it might be okay? Or is that some false security? And maybe avoid this route in the afternoons, if there is little traffic?


2nd option is also Bottelary road, but then taking Kromme Rhee to the R44, and past Cloetesville into Stellenbosch, to avoid Kayamandi. I just don’t know if Kromme Rhee is a good idea with lots of cars in the morning…I’ve had some of my closest passes there, not fun. But maybe a good afternoon return route, with less traffic?


3rd option is Polkadraai road (after taking that new road past Zevenwacht to get to Polkadraai). Similar distance, but the more hilly route should take a bit longer. But like I said, I’d rather ride 10 minutes longer than not arrive there at all..


I’ve linked the routes below if you want to have a closer look or make a better suggestion.


Lastly, route options aside, would you do it, or allow your son to do it, from a safety aspect? I really want to at least try it during the summer time, to save money on petrol and car maintenance, save the frustration of traffic, and get some good training in at the same time. But I obviously realise that none of that is worth it if you’re risking your health or life..


I look forward to hear your opinions, thanks!




Route links:


Bottelary route:



Kromme Rhee route:



Polkadraai route:


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