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Dirt jumper or hard tail?

luke niz

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So I live in KZN and I am struggling to find any dirt jumpers second hand or relatively cheap new ones....

I was wondering if I got a hard tail with a small frame and small wheels could I not use that ?

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You could, many people do. But, you just need to decide for yourself if it's going to be good enough for you. On a regular bike the top tube slopes down less than a DJ bike, so with the seat slammed it will be alot higher than a DJ bike when the seat is slammed.


Your geo is probably also going to be different. You don't need super slack head tube angles on a jump bike, but a regular hardtail may end up giving you a bit too steep of a HA.


Something along the lines of a 26" Cotic BFE will work very well, just a bit rare to find 2nd hand.


If you do end up deciding you really need a DJ frame, give Trailtech cycles a call. They import dartmoor who make some well priced options. And if I understand correctly Trailtech now has a KZN branch - so you should be able to get help/support locally.

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