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  1. I’ve got a mate (I’ll concede a bit of a freak of nature) who is 1.90m, and hovers around 90kg. He has won a Berg and Bush and Wines to Whales (the non pro events), got a 3rd overall at the 36One in 2018, and two top 50 Epic finishes. He is an ex crossfitter, he is a big guy (no fat), and has no interest in losing any muscle because as soon as he does he loses power (of which he outs out a freakish amount). There are exceptions to every rule, but I guess what I am trying to say is that not everyone wants to be all skin and bone. But anyway, this thread was about t
  2. Ja, if you don't have grip with those tyres, you are not going to have grip with anything. Like mentioned, check pressure, suspension setup, etc etc.
  3. It’s a trail bike, you can do what you want to it, it’s not going to keep up with XC bikes all other factors remaining the same. Either ride it and enjoy it as a trail bike, and accept it’s not an XC bike, or sell it and get an XC bike. A 14kg XC bike is still going to climb faster than a 13kg trail bike. It’s not about the weight, it’s about the geometry. Obviously there are exceptions - trail bikes that climb dam well and XC bikes that don’t, but apply the old “horses for courses” saying here and save yourself some money and wasted effort. PS: Carbon wheels are
  4. Yes, I recently went from XO1 Mechanical Eagle to GX AXS, I am very happy with it.
  5. Pleasure Hairy, always lekker to meet hubbers out in the real world.
  6. Is it a Maxxis Minion DHR or DHF that you are referring to? Because that does not automatically make it a DH tyre…. Look at the casing, is it EXO, EXO+, or DH? Only a DH casing makes it a DH tyre. A Minion DHR or DHF just refers to the tread pattern, and that makes for a really nice general trail riding tyre. On an ebike I would not use anything less than an Exo+ casing, but I would also not use a DH casing - that is a bit excessive and heavy.
  7. He is just mistaken then. We don’t have dates on when they are arriving in SA yet, will know on Monday. But it won’t be before August at the earliest.
  8. Nice on the road, but on an mtb everything flies out over the first rock garden.
  9. Should be fine. The previous gen Epic evo was just an epic with a 20mm longer fork.
  10. I recently had something come into SA with DHL. Also hit SA shores in 5 days or so, then took another 4 months before arriving at my local post office, where I had to stand in the queue for 2 hours to get it. Never again....
  11. I hate to be the one to break it you, but brain and plush are not really used in the same sentence. That’s the main criticism against any suspension with brain. It’s essentially a inertia valve that requires a knock before “giving”. if you want plush, get rid of the brain 🧠
  12. Ja, that’s a BS story. The only part that is specific is the frame. And a simple “I know a warranty issue on the frame will take months” disclaimer should cover that. If I was you I’d look at the Santa Cruz High Ball.
  13. Dunno about that. I would argue Minaar’s achievements outshine Nino’s. Nino is great, but he still hasn’t matched Absalon’s win record. Greg on the other hand still holds the most wins, most podiums, and over a much longer period of time beating the best of the best in the last 4 or 5 generations of riders. And based on last year’s results he is not slowing down any time soon. Nino may still equal and overtake Absalon’s record this year, but I don’t think he will ever be as dominant as Greg. Hard to compare apples with pears though...
  14. What do you mean no back up parts? Besides for the frame everything else is no different than any other bike....
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