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  1. E Bike Tec have been appointed official Bosch Agents in SA. So with that the app will be un-geoblocked. I believe the date for that is end October. So patience for another month or so...
  2. Most likely your clutch that needs a service. They do tend to get a bit lazy - it's an easy fix. Work with that headset routing daily - never seen it to be the cause of bad shifting unless the cable is actually kinked.
  3. Don't get the special edition - they usually mean end of range - ie: the V Class will be replaced with a new version next year. Not that this is by any means not a great vehicle - just seems a bit silly to pay more, not less for an outgoing version of anything. Droolworthy none the less.
  4. This was my favourite trail park when I lived up in Pta, miss riding there alot. Such a shame.
  5. Yeah, also around the 6 month mark...
  6. I had a similar issue. LED would turn red while charging, but then nothing once I removed the charger. logged a fault with the LBS I bought from. Black Marlin adds you to a WhatsApp group with Black Marlin, X-Cadey Support, and the shop you bought it from on the group to trouble shoot. In the end my unit was warrantied with a new one. Turns out it was a battery issue.
  7. With a big wheel (example), 100 revolutions per minute = 32km/hour, with a smaller wheel it would be (example) 150 revolutions per minute. So when you input a smaller wheel size than your actual wheel it will now only cut out at 150 revolutions and not 100, so more speed (eg 48km/hr). Numbers above not accurate, just an example.
  8. Yes, put the wheel circumference as the smallest you can find - you'll be getting some extra free speed.
  9. https://www.booking.com/hotel/za/jonkershoek-valley-cottage.en-gb.html?aid=318615&label=English_South_Africa_EN_ZA_20053122505-dh3Fh87GJDQFuEV_TL5HvQS637942139684%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atidsa-199155874585%3Alp1028762%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm%3Aag20053122505%3Acmp313260865&sid=8052f660b54a9eb0ac71f0f6c1fc7bbe&dest_id=-1287082;dest_type=city;dist=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;hapos=1;hpos=1;no_rooms=1;req_adults=2;req_children=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;sr_order=popularity;srepoch=1671715333;srpvid=6ab65e02ab6801c5;type=total;ucfs=1&#hotelTmpl
  10. Awesome for the locals. I feel the same about a TMBC membership - I'll get a day pass for the twice a year I ride out that side.... You're missing out if you only ride our trails a few times a year, we have all the good ones
  11. Awesome, was hoping Bottelary would be in this year. Well done!
  12. I am biased. I sell Scott. But you are not buying it from me, so hopefully that counts for something. The new Sparks are phenomenal all rounders, and the 950 hits the value sweet spot. Been riding my Spark for a while now and have do everything from Jonkers Enduro to Wines 2 Whales on it. And they are not the maintenance headache anyone makes them out to be with integrated cables and hidden shock. Sure the integration means slightly more admin when doing a headset service, but not much. And the internal shock is no added admin at all. Do it….
  13. The Bosch motors in the Scott ebikes are mint. Brands aside, for an e-bike I am always going to advise new over second hand purely due to the warranty you have on a new bike.
  14. Definitely snake season - in the last 2 weeks we (big group so chances of spotting them are higher) have seen 3 puffies in Lourensford (2 in the trail, 1 in the water canal next to the trail), and a mate rode straight over a big mother of a puffy while speaking to me climbing up Helderberg. I think he soiled his pants when he saw it. Puffy didn't seem to rushed to get off the trail either....
  15. You need a hydraulic press, not something a bike shop has. As far as I know RBC are the only ones in SA that do it.
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