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  1. You haven’t seen any around because stock is a massive issue right now. I wanted a Spur last year and was told waiting list is 6 months + with no guarantees. That being said, I rode a V1 Sentinel. Absolutely loved that bike. It did alot for me in terms of my progression as a rider. It’s a point and shoot sort of bike, it’ll truck over anything and stay super stable. Somehow it climbed incredibly well (not fast, but comfortable) and was quite payfull too. I had the alu frame and it was built up with coil, cush core, dh casings in the tyres, so ultimately it was too heavy for an all rounder and as part of a pairing down exercise I sold all my bikes to find the ultimate 1 bike to do it all (that’s why I was enquiring about a Spur). I do however think the carbon V2 Sentinel built up correctly can be close to perfect for the trails you are riding. Just highly doubt you are gonna be able to get your hands on one. If you can, I’d say go for it!
  2. Ja, not very confidence inspiring when a brand makes a bag for their frame and gets it wrong 😂 But the fix was easy, just drilled new holes in the base of the bag, used some washers, worked well without having to use rails and all sorts. Seems like Farr’s products aren’t always the most thought through…. Good ideas, but less than amazing execution.
  3. Not sure what bike you are putting this on. But just a heads up - I bought one for a Farr frame and the hole locations in the top tube bag was way off. It pushed into the stem so much so that I had to drill new holes.
  4. There was an importer a couple of years back, but they stopped. You can just order direct from the UK site and they will ship to you. 15% VAT applies, no import duties on a frame, 15% duty on complete bikes.
  5. My biggest issue with it is that you are 100% stuck wherever you park your car and set up camp. I'd rather go for a trailer with a rooftop tent than one on my car.
  6. I recently had a guy… Day 1 of ad: Is it available? Yes, the nothing. A few days later: Is it available? Yes, then nothing. A few more days later: Is it available? Yes. Okay, I’ll take it. Then nothing. WTF??? I actually wanna leave the oke a bad review since we actually had agreed to a transaction which he backed out of, but I know he will just leave me a bad review in turn. And it’s just not worth it. I usually don’t let it get to me, but dam there was just something about the way this guy approached things that made me wanna reach through the phone and give him a PK. Probably because I have had a few similar interactions in the last few weeks and this one was just the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. I just don’t get how some people operate. You see something, you want something, ask a few questions, and then take it or don’t take it, simple as that. But half the time you answer all the questions someone has and then they don’t even have the decency to reply. Hell just a simple thanks, but I am passing on this would do the trick.
  7. 2015. My wife has one with a modern Fox 34, Sram XO1 drivetrain, and XT brakes, no horrible gold stuff. I wouldn’t value it at more than 20k.
  8. Probably been said, but my 2c… I won’t do events again, unless I get a free entry somewhere. I’d rather spend my money on a weekend away with mates, guest house or camping, lekker trails, and some other things to do in the area after the ride with family and kids. The only event I will do every year is the Enduro Western Cape series. Relatively inexpensive, a one day thing, cool trails, and it is nice to strap on the knee pads, full face and goggles, and “race” (even if it is for P59 instead of P65). Just prefer the vibe of enduros over the stage race and marathon scene. PS, none of this has anything to do with Covid. Just don’t see the point in overpaying to sleep in tiny tents on thin mattresses and ride trails I can ride any time of the year for a fraction of the price and not sot behind some numpty who can’t let go of the brakes.
  9. Yes But the price range cannot be separated from the brand of frame. Eg: a Yeti frame costs 90k, a Giant 40k. So with the same parts on that’s still a 50k difference… the price I’d pay depends on the brand.
  10. Only higher end bikes, but actually very good value for the spec level!
  11. Scott SA does. So you can order selected models from any Scott dealer from today.
  12. Of all the posts I've used the OneUp has been by far the best for me. Nearly zero play after 9 months of use and still very smooth. I got it for the low stack height. Lyne is extremely good, just have to replace the brass keys often to avoid play. Value for money excellent. Spez, very long posts for the travel. Smashes your balls if you're not careful. Gets sticky. Not a fan. Giant, stanchions worn very quickly, kept not holding air, spongy, horrible. Reverb, spongy, expensive to service.
  13. I posted from my business account by accident, and then didn't feel like typing it all over again...
  14. All about proportions. I am 1.78 and have an exceptionally long torso and short legs, I am actually considering an XL for my next bike. The newer geo with super low seat tubes will actually allow me to get the saddle low enough while having the ETT and reach I want. Either way, to my earlier point, I have tried to borrow my L bikes to mates that are just under 1.9m tall and they could not get the saddle up high enough. Maybe you fit on a L, but I think like me you are an exception rather than the rule.
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