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[Event] Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival

Paarl Adventure Trails

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Event Name: Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival
When: 17 November 2019
Where: Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, Western Cape
Category: MTB

The town of Paarl in Western Cape is synonymous with 4 things

Great Adventure Activities

Awesome Food

Some of the Best Wines in the World

One of the most beautiful areas in South Africa


Rhebokskloof Wine Estate picturesquely located in the Heart of Paarl on the Slopes of the Paarl Mountain Reserve. Established in 1692 this Estate embodies some of the best attributes of Paarl and should be a go to destination for any visitor.


Rhebokskloof invites you, your family and friends to start summer with a weekend filled with Great Activities, Awesome Food, Great Entertainment and plenty of Special Wine. Set aside 16 and 17 November 2019 and come and enjoy a spectacular weekend at the Rhebokskloof Flat Rock Festival.


Festival Activity Schedule


Saturday 16 November

  • 5km Trail Run
  • 10km Trail Run
  • 20km Trail Run
  • Boere Sport Activities
  • Live Entertainment
  • Great food and Wine Showcases
  • Pony Rides
  • Kiddies Activities

Sunday 17 November

  • 5km Mountain bike Ride
  • 10km Mountain Bike Traverse
  • 20km Mountain Bike Race
  • 40km Mountain Bike Race
  • Boere Sport Activities
  • Live Entertainment
  • Great Food and Wine Showcases
  • Pony Rides
  • Kiddies Activities

Entries for the Trail Runs and Mountain Bike events are open now, so visit https://www.entryninja.com/events/event/54722-rhebokskloof-mtb

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Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival 16-17 November 


Rhebokskloof Wine Estate is picturesquely located in the heart of Paarl on the slopes of the Paarl Mountain Reserve. Established in 1692, this estate embodies Paarl’s best attributes. 


Rhebokskloof invites you, your family and friends to start summer with a weekend filled with great activities, awesome food, great entertainment and plenty of exceptional wine. Set aside 16 and 17 November 2019 and come and enjoy a spectacular weekend at the Rhebokskloof Flat Rock Festival. 


What Makes the Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival Unique


Rhebokskloof is about family and friends and we look forward to creating some great memories with you. 


The Flatrock Festival will become an annual one, and is for the entire family. We made an effort to find out which activities appeal to all members of the family (ranging from kiddies to grandparents) and ensured that over the weekend there will be more than enough on offer to entertain everyone. 


Whether you are an outdoor adventurer looking to experience some of the spectacular trails on the estate, or perhaps the more laid-back type looking to enjoy a picnic with wine, great food and live music - we’ve got you covered. There will be more than enough on offer to entertain the kids all day: a play area, an obstacle course and even good old boere sport! They are bound for a good time.


Furthermore, Rhebokskloof Wine Estate has been hard at work developing a number of new areas and revamping some of the buildings. Some of these areas include a new restaurant, a coffee bar and the wine tasting area. We have also made a number of exciting changes to our existing services. We are excited to officially open the new and improved Rhebokskloof Wine Estate over the weekend of 16-17 November.





Weekend Schedule 


Saturday 16 November

●     4 Trail Running events (3km, 5km, 10km and 20km) starting from 7am 

●     Wine Tasting

●     Live Entertainment

●     Pony Rides

●     Kids Area 

●     Boere Sport 

●     Quad Bike Tours

●     House Outrides

●     Picnics and Food Options


Sunday 17 November

●     4 MTB events (5km ,10km, 20km and 40km) starting from 7am

●     Wine Tasting

●     Live Entertainment

●     Pony Rides

●     Kids Area 

●     Boere Sport 

●     Quad Bike Tours

●     House Outrides

●     Picnics and Food Options


Online entries for the Trail Runs and MTB races are at www.entryninja.com or you can visit our website for more info on all the activities over the weekend. 


Be sure to  let friends and family know and come and enjoy a festival for everyone at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate!


Check out this page for more info www.hero-adventure.co.za, or visit our website: www.rhebokskloof.co.za

Instagram: Hero Adventure 

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 Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival 16-17 November


As the clock winds down to the Inaugural Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival the entire team are putting on the final touches to what we believe will be an amazing weekend filled with Great food, wine, entertainment and activities for the entire family 


The Rhebokskloof Flatrock Festival will have something for everyone next weekend. weather you are looking forward to the variety of great Trail Runs and MTB races, a place to take the kids for a great outing, or a bunch of friends eager for a day out in the sun with great food, wine and music. Rhebokskloof will be the place to be. There is no need to leave anyone at home. 


Rhebokskloof is known for Adventure and we have spent the better part of winter doing a number of upgrades and a total revamp of the Trails in the “super bowl “. Fast, Flowing and entertaining. The Trails selected for next weekends events are sure to get those adventurous juices flowing. 


1st thing you might notice is that we have decided to start the events a little later than normal. Its weekend and why on earth would you want to wake up, get kids dressed and rush to an event before the sun has even come up. The Flatrock Festival is about fun, relaxation and enjoyment. There will be a host of activities on offer the entire day so relax and get ready to enjoy it, not rush it. 


Another change is the timing. We have been working hard with our friends from Uwe Koetter to develop a strava based timing application that allows us to offer something a little different. If you are coming to race then yes there are trophies and prizes for the fastest, but what about the climbers or those who want to challenge their mates. This system allows for smaller competition segments where you compete against people in your age and fitness level category, and all you need is your phone or watch linked to our Strava event and BOB’S your uncle. for more info on how to link visit: https://flatrockfestival.uwekoetter.com


Trail Runs on Saturday 16 November

·      20km – Start time 8:00am 

·      10km – Start time 9:00am

·      5km – Start time 10:00am

·      3km (run or walk) – start time 10:30am 


Online entries still open: www.entryninja.com

Timing done through Strava , to link visit : https://flatrockfestival.uwekoetter.com

Route Profiles and elevations : https://www.facebook.com/events/968123180188846/?active_tab=discussion


What to expect on the Trail Runs


3km and 5km Trail Runs:

 We have kept both the 3km and 5km as low and close as we can to the main venue , mostly open jeep track but there are single track sections ,The 3km is perfect for kiddies ( accompanied by Adult ) or walkers , the 5km does go a little higher and there is an amazing Cave that competitors will go through , be careful as it is a little slippery but allot of fun .


10km Trail Run:

For the 10km Trail Run we decided to pack on the adventure, it is not the easiest with a fair bit of climbing, but well worth it trust us, no serious technical sections and if you walk a bit SO WHAT, ENJOY THE VIEW! We are going to be taking you up to the spectacular Flatrock Viewpoint where you will not only enjoy a snack and drink, but you get to experience one of the most amazing views in Paarl. The trail is filled with single track and great features 


20km Trail Run:

THE BIG DADDY. By no means an easy trail, but the rewards are out of this world, competitors will follow the same trail at the 10km but after the Flatrock waterpoint continue up the Paarl Mountain all the way to the norther side of the estate where views over Du Toit’s Kloof , Paarl CBD and on a clear day all the way down the valley . The trail includes, caves, forests, oodles of single-track and a variety of fauna and Flora, but have your hard rock legs on as rewards don’t come without hard work . 




Mountain Bike Events on Sunday 17 November 

·      40km MTB- Start 8:00am

·      20km MTB – Start 9:15am

·      10km MTB – Start 9:45am

·      5km MTB – Start 10:15am


Online entries still open: www.entryninja.com

Timing done through Strava , to link visit: https://flatrockfestival.uwekoetter.com

Route Profiles and elevations: https://www.facebook.com/events/562015421204684/?active_tab=discussion





What to expect on the MTB Trails 


5km MTB:


The 5km Mtb makes use of our Green trail at Rhebokskloof which stays on the lower parts of the property, there are single track Sections but nothing technical and great for Newbies and kiddies accompanied by an adult 


10km MTB: 

The 10km MTB showcases a little more of the great trails at Rhebokskloof , flowing single track and great views , a fun trail for everyone 


20km MTB: 

The 20km MTB takes cyclists up into the heart of the Super bowl. Yes, there is climbing but the trail and terrain you will experience makes it all worth it, once you arrive at the Flatrock View point the views are amazing. From there it’s an 8km Descent filled with flowing single track, berms and forest tunnels right down to the finish. 


40km MTB:

The 40km MTB has it all. Flow, Climbs, Views, Drops …. This is what makes mountain biking so much fun, for a few hours you will be entertained by the best of Paarl. Taking on the Black Route at Rhebokskloof and then heading into the Amazing Paarl Mountain Reserve for the loop of legends. The loop in the reserve is filled with excitement and a great warm up for what’s to come. As you head back into Rhebokskloof from the top you need to take a breath as the remaining 12km to the finish is a heart pumping adrenaline filled descent packed with adventure and something you will never forget. 


NOTE: There will be shower and changing facilities on site, so not need to go home before enjoying all the other festivities on the day 


Our “waterpoints “on route are as with everything we do, a little more exciting, snacks and even a CBC Beer or 2 to enjoy while taking in the views. 



Flatrock Festival 


Trail Running and Mountain Biking are only some of the offerings you get to enjoy over the weekend, Rhebokskloof will have a host of other activities that include:

·      Horse, pony Outrides

·      Carriage rides

·      Boere Sport 

·      Kids Activities and play area 

·      Variety of Wine and Food offerings 

·      Live Entertainment all weekend 


So bring the family and mates for a great weekend out.


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For those wondering about the run - that route on RBK actually runs even nicer (for me!) than it rides. Long route that is, with that lekker long winding descend - not sure where the sorter routes go, but it's there's a lot of great running options!  Cannot join due to having something else on, but it's a real nice run. 

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