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  1. Got my 2017 Scott Spark RC Pro frame resprayed by Bogus Designs a few months back. Picked up a South Industries Wheelset second hand, GX AXS upgrade kit from Greasemonkey, and XX1 10-52 cassette and chain my sis just sneaked in from Germany at basically half price.. Now I just have to make a decision on what crankset to go with to complete the bike.
  2. Basically took a 6 months break off the bike after Double Century in November with just the occasional casual ride since. Got back on the bike a few weeks ago to do some proper panic training to survive the Trans Baviaans in August. Started with a Zwift structured program combined with longer outside rides and actually can't believe how much power I've lost since the DC! Went from a 82kg 324W FTP in Nov to a 96kg 265W FTP currently. That's 3,95 w/kg down to 2,75 w/kg. Flippen embarrassing how I've let myself slip this far! Determined to knuckle down and at least get back to sub 90kg before Trans Baviaans.
  3. Thanks Rob! Looking forward to the read!!
  4. Oefff.. up 12kg since November. Started cycling again last week after about 3 months of loafing around maybe doing one ride every two weeks. Also have to start making better food choices and cut down on beer. Got to get my act together now before Trans Baviaans in August and try and drop at least 10kg by then.
  5. All weight I've lost this year is muscle weight due to lack of cycling! Few kgs down this year, but hardly cycling at the moment, and pants definitely not fitting any better than at the start of Jan. At least through all the late nights of working and stress that led to cycling taking the back seat I managed to successfully negotiate to buy out our company and will now be taking over from April. Interesting and scary times ahead! But I'm hoping to be a bit more flexible then and make time for cycling again.
  6. Can I buy a bicycle through my business and get any tax benefits? And if I can, are there limits to what sort of bike it should be? Or a maximum price? I'll be commuting with it to the office 2 to 3 days of the week, so it will actually be partly used for my business, but the price tag might be a bit higher than the usual commuter bicycle.. I tried searching here and googled, but not finding much info for South Africa. In some places overseas there are real nice "bicycle to work" benefits.
  7. Paarl Mountain Reserve and Rhebokskloof today
  8. Flip I had no clue they were actually THAT heavy!! Just saw that bucket special a few months ago and decided to give it a go..
  9. I'm currently running this combo and don't like it. They feel heavy/sluggish when climbing. They might be a little bit more grippy in corners, but I'm going back to Maxxis Aspen 2.25 front and back when this set is done.
  10. Slowly but surely getting into a rhythm again.. Prepping lunch meals the night before for the last week instead of going to coffee shops in my lunch break. Still not getting around to cycling as much as I'd like to, but since my wife is now working a block from my office, yesterday I threw my bike in the back of her car and took a lift with her and commuted back home after work. 26km in 50mins on the road bike beats 30min in traffic hands down! Got home and could still go for a run with my wife. Did the same thing this morning, but going to take the more scenic mtb route back home this afternoon. Going to try to commute back home at least 3 times a week. Feels like I discovered freedom again not having to sit in afternoon traffic!
  11. Good luck with the surgery and speedy recovery!
  12. Another thing you can check is your Windows sleep mode settings.. turn all that stuff off. Could happen that after 10 or 15mins of not touching your keyboard/mouse while pedaling it goes into a kind of sleep mode maybe?
  13. A mate of mine experienced the same. In the end a simple uninstall and reinstall of Zwift sorted it out.
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