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  1. I get to the What3Words map section of the sign up page on the app, then it gives a notification "Unexpected Error".. Flippen frustrating. Is there any other service I can use similar to AGS?
  2. I can't even complete my sign up for Aramex Global Shopper. That's my problem. I'm trying to select the AGS Flex monthly membership plan, then everything just hangs or shows an error.
  3. Still nothing? I also sent them a mail with no reply. Website still giving errors..
  4. I actually thought C was quite chilled and well behaved the entire way. Having said that, I was dropped from the front guys up Bothmas and it took me and a few other guys and girls a good 30mins effort to catch up to the C batch break-away.
  5. Lol the girl in green is my neighbor! She said there was a friendly ballie riding most of the way with her 😜
  6. I'm trying to setup my Aramex Global Shopper account, but I keep getting an error even before I get to the payment method for my account. I tried on desktop browser, phone browser and the mobile app. They all give an error. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Or is AGS down for some reason? Been struggling for weeks now.
  7. Annual Paarl MTB Champagne Ride WhatsApp Video 2023-12-08 at 08.18.39.mp4
  8. Looks like Vernon Rudman is in.. in the end making that call to leave Liza behind made the difference in making the cut-off in time! Well done to all!!
  9. Jenny safely in. Also smashing the ladies record with +-3hrs.
  10. Jenny is looking super strong! Well ahead of the record ladies dot, and 200km lead on the 2nd lady. Probably going to hit the tar road between Ceres and Bains in the early morning before sunrise if she doesn't stop too long in Ceres.. I wouldn't want to be on that piece of road with a bicycle just after pay day.. apart from being a target, broken glass everywhere.
  11. Vernon Rudman and Liza Vivier always ride events together and was riding together up until now.. Looks like he made a tough call to leave her behind at WP5 to try and stay ahead of the cut dot himself..
  12. The cut dot is just an imaginary line at average speed between Wednesday 12:00 and Monday 12:00. You are allowed to fall behind it, you just need to be at the designated cut-off points in time. Usually there are a few guys falling behind the dot, then get a lekker downhill and catch it again. Gemmerbal is flirting way too much with this idea though!
  13. He must be catching a lift now.. moving way too fast
  14. No he is almost back at Sutherland with his circle route.. he is going to be so confused.
  15. No wait, he's just riding in circles!! Eishhh, like a hundred kilometer circle..
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