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2019 Weekend Warrior: Worcester


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So this past weekend was the Weekend Warrior at Worcester.


I must first congratulate the event organizers (Red Cherry) for putting together a superb event.  It was slick and smoothly done, from the availability of the showers to the chill zone. The routes were very well marked, impossible to get lost, and well watered.


The only negatives were around noise:

  • It coincided with stock-car racing which only finished at midnight
  • The proximity to the N1 and the noisy street in front of the school.

I suppose there's a not a lot that can be done about that but it makes for frustratingly restless sleep (for me anyway).


We did the silver route on the Saturday, which proved to be very challenging for my 8yo son and 10yo daughter (especially in the heat and wind).  Their strength was not really up to the 600m of climbing in 25km, and some of the downhill sections were also tough for them, which resulted in lots of walking.  While my son soldiered on with typical stoicism, it was a little hard to keep her going.  But hey, we finished, coming in stone last (I think) in the silver group, and the two of them were really proud of themselves (as was I).  My thoughts that the route might have been a little inappropriate for kids that age were blown out of the water when, at prize-giving, a kid as young as 6 had finished.  What a champ! 


We opted to do the bronze route the following morning.  I didn't want to crush their spirits by doing another slog, and so opted to do the bronze route, which they loved.  My daughter quipped that she'd happily do 30km of that kind of quite nice singletrack.


All in all a great weekend, and we'll be back.



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