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  1. Curious Why would you make statement like that?
  2. Ok, so with Level 3 imminent, what is going to happen with the Tygerberg Trails?
  3. That's why I scan every invoice for everything worth insuring, or have in writing about or photographs of stuff I have bought second hand. It also helps when you forget about stuff you should have claimed for. I had my garage raided and luckily the insurance paid out for everything I claimed for, until I needed that hugely expensive Torque Wrench, when working on my car, or that set of router bits (and forgot to claim for) But I hear you. the OP makes me laugh
  4. Oh the horror, I hear you say. You don't have tubeless? The struggle is real I don't know if it is weeks of lockdown that have resulted in massive amounts of dubbeltjies being thrown into the roads but my kids have suddenly managed to get huge numbers of punctures while out doing their short rides while mom is doing her running. This was from my son's bike in a 6km ride and they all swear he only rode on the road or near the gutter. Both my son and daughter have loads of slime in their tyres but I'm still having to try deal with flats after almost every ride, although my daughter's bike (with Maxxis) seems less vulnerable than my son's (with Rocket Ron). Is there a better anti-flat solution than slime? Or am I going to have to fit tyre liners? Or go with better much more substantial tyres, which I don't want to do given the scarcity of decent tyres in 26" and 24" I've also had to deal with these thorns on my gravel bike (but luckily only one flat) and they are far more numerous in the road than I can recall
  5. We don't even know if we will be allowed to cycle from Friday anyway
  6. I also note that all the 100+ km this year (including the CTCT) are carrying a penalty of 15 points... Edit: That's on racetec, not on PPA
  7. I submitted mine manually the day of the race. Points were awarded by Monday afternoon
  8. More chance of having your rectum blocked by jellyfish than getting corona there. Damnitall. I wanted to go ride there on Sunday with the kids.
  9. My cars lights are on permanently (ok not when it’s parked in my garage) but I think cyclists should have the same. Hi-vis gear and eyeball melting lights at all times.
  10. According to the the powers, they have no record of my 1991 ride. It was my first Argus and my only sub-3:30. I have photos of me on route. Still bummed about it.
  11. I ride the same. On the CTCT I got a number of comments on the “interesting tyres” Not that well known in CT it seems
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