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Aftermarket Anodising of Hope (or other) brakes and bits


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After not finding much info available: Has anyone tried to anodise their brake set? Hope or other.

Hope would probably be the best as they're machined, however, I see guides are anodized black so perhaps they would work, but they're forged so the finish might be crap.


Also: I assume the silver hope thingies are raw and not anodised silver by chance?

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Silver alloy parts are usually anodized silver/natural. You have to put a protective coating on aluminium otherwise it will discolor/oxidize very quickly. I have had a set of Stans Flow rims anodized a different colour. It came out very nice. The better you can prep the surface with regards to scratches and marks the better your end result will be. Only real issue is if there is any steel inserts or threads as the chemicals used to clean the product before it gets anodized, corrodes steel. So just make sure the item is all alloy, then you good to go. The guys that are good and know what they doing usually have a good range of colours aswell.

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