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  1. What Bolt67 said/suggested. That is not an event you want to race in any case. Just enjoy the vibe and amazing scenery.
  2. I’ve also had a couple of times had no response to messages sent, and most of them were actually bike shops or dealers.
  3. The trails are still open. Camphill is still closed. Follow the blue route around the bottom of Camphill and you will then link up with red and black routes again. Permits from Wine Village or Village Cycles, both in the same complex on your left at the robots turning up the Hemel en Aarde valley road.
  4. Yes, that is ridiculous! The funny thing is, some people are gonna fall for the fancy wording and technical mumble jumble, and actually buy it.????‍♂️
  5. Yes, also surprised by the lack of comms by Dryland? Not their usual high standard of service and communication.
  6. I’m not aware of any bike shops in Villiersdorp. The closest options will be Franschhoek or Manic Cycles in Worcester.
  7. You will probably only need a new headset bottom race. The lower spec bikes are often speced with older or OEM forks with straight steerers, but the frame is built with a taper steerer. So you will already have a taper headset that fits in the frame, but they install a different bottom race to make the straight steerer fork fit in the taper headset. Any bike shop will have a loose steerer race available unless they want to make money off you and try and sell you a complete headset.
  8. Just start early and ride single file. From Rooiels there is a broad shoulder. If the weather plays along it is 1 of the best rides in the Western Cape.
  9. I would also bring it to your LBS attention. The mechanic that worked on that wheel should maybe pay attention when working. Rookie error as far as i’m concerned.
  10. I agree that doing the manufacturer recommended interval services could become expensive if you ride your mtb a lot. I have a engineering/mechanical background and do all my bike maintenance myself. Lower leg service every 3-4 months and full service every 12-18 months. Personal habit is to wipe stanchions clean with a soft cloth after every ride, muddy or not. Then i have also personally seen what a difference these little plastic mudguards make, get one. As mentioned before, not everyone has the tools or mechanical knowledge, but do stick to the service intervals as close as possible or it will become a very expensive exercise. Mudguard and keeping stanchions clean will help stretch the services.
  11. Awesome project. Can’t wait to see the final result!
  12. I think as with mtb gearing it depends on the area/terrain you ride and what your strong points are as a rider. I run 11spd on my 650b trail bike 32 x 11/46. Tried it on my gravel bike ( hardtail 29er mtb) but have now switched to 2x10, 38/28 chainrings and 11/40 cassette.
  13. I’ve never had any issues with Evobikes. Good communication and fast service. Highly recommended.
  14. Honingklip and Wildekrans are trail routes/loops that are only accessible from there starting points where you get your permit. You need to get from point A to point B, so a trail loop is no good. Even if you only use a section of the trail, at some point you have to get off it at a point that was not intended for entry/exit, which requires climbing fences or gates. That does not go down well with landowners and spoils the relationship for local trailbuilders and riders. Arrabella to Botrivier is not even 10km and the R43 is very safe to ride. Halfway on your left will be the Salandra garage/shop/farmstall which will be ideal to refeul and stock up on food for the rest of the trip.
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