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Hi everyone,


I’ve just loaded zwift to run through my kickR.


Loaded garmin/TP/strava all day connected with all connections/permissions given.


Zwift pulls my program from TP and I rode it perfectly fine on the trainer,


Completed the ride clicked save and send/upload.


I can’t find the exercise anywhere?


Anyone have any advice/tips?


Tried disconnecting a accounts and reconnecting them.


Nothing seems to work.


Delete the zwift account and get a new one?


Home screen on zwift(laptop) doesn’t look like the home dashboard like I’ve seen in the videos/YouTube videos.


Thanks for the help

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Are you using a computer/laptop to run zwift?  If so, the workout file should be under %USER%\Documents\Zwift\Activities\.  You can manually upload this file to strava.



And to solve it going forward, try removing some of the steps i.e. remove all connections except strava and zwift.  Do a 5 minute ride, save and see if it goes to Strava.


Assuming it works, add in TP again.  And then finally Garmin.  (I suspect the issue is conflict between garmin and strava...)

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