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  1. I haven't read all the comments. But I guess the Good, Bad Ugly threads, Time to get out of here etc all are all now gone / going? As an expat, the thoughts and or queries that arose in those threads were ones I could relate to (and in some cases assist with). Can't say I'll be able to help with local group ride queries . Good luck - it's been fun...
  2. When in SA I always wanted one of these. I think Bosch was the only model available at the time - not sure if that has changed. When I got State side I found they were dime a dozen. Such a useful tool - we use them daily. Highly recommend... https://www.homedepot.com/b/Search/N-5yc1vZc2b2/Ntk-Extended/Ntt-multi+tool?Ntx=mode+matchpartialmax&NCNI-5
  3. Both options are possible. Not sure if you were hoping to do it yourself or get someone to do it for you. Check out these for inspiration: Wrap: https://wrapmybike.shop/product-categorie/helmets/ Paint: If painting, make sure you use a polystyrene safe primer to protect the help from the paint. Otherwise the paint will eat you helmet...
  4. Hey Dave I don't have the link to actual supplier I bought mine from with me at the moment. But a general Aliexpress link below for the search. (I bought mine via Aliexpress with a shop that has USA distribution centers - received the items within 5 days)... https://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?fsb=y&IndexArea=product_en&CatId=&SearchText=bafang+motor+bbs02b+bbs02+48v+750w+mid+drive+motor&viewtype=&tab= I got the 750w motor with 17 Amp hour battery. Around $770. For comparison the 2019 Spez Levo has a 250 w motor and around a 4 amp hour battery. (I'm not saying this is better than the Levo - its merely for comparison). The Levo is obviously lighter, more refined and a whole lot prettier. If you think it worthwhile, I'll take some photos during the install and post them to TheHub... In the meantime, YouTube Bafang mid drive ebike motor conversion.
  5. We are way off topic here talking about E-bikes, but I can't shake the feeling that they are going to be massive. I remember connecting to the internet for the 1st time in around '92 - long before pretty much anybody knew what the internet was. It was slow, clunky, expensive to get set up and had around a total of 50 websites. But even then, I had the feeling that 'this' was going to be big. Got the same feeling about ebikes.... I'll be converting a Scott Hardtail in a couple weeks for my wife so she can join me on some rides. All in, it should be around $700... (and that is for a slightly bigger than average battery). Once people realize they don't have to spend thousands on a new bike and can convert their current bike, I'm pretty sure there will be an exponential increase in the number of e-bikes we see on the road.
  6. Agreed - and I haven't even ridden one yet !
  7. Ty (DIY Carbon Bikes) is based in USA and imports blank Chinese components and frames, builds them up and re-sells them to the local market (so they don't have to deal with imports / builds etc). Much like Rob Booth did for Booth bikes in SA (if you know of Rob Booth)... Ty seems like a decent guy - I've messaged him a couple times and he's been really helpful with advice for my builds. So long story short - try drop him a message and ask who he buys from in China. Let him know you are in SA and not trying to cut him out. He may let you know... And all that said, try ICAN bikes. Just at a glance the bike in the link looks similar to the 130mm Ican bike: https://icancycling.com/collections/mtb-frame/products/trail-bike-frame-p1
  8. In the Appliance industry Head office didn't look at day to day exchange rates. They set a fixed rate for the year at which they expect the exchange rate to average out. For example, they may expect the average Dollar / Rand to be 1/18 for the year. Pricing is then based on that figure. If rand drops, they score. If Rand goes to 20 or something stupid like that the customer scores (in theory). Of course, when the Rand does hit 20, most retailers up their price anyway... And then they also factor in higher distribution costs etc (shipping, support.). Being at the end of Africa means SA will always be more expensive - but shouldn't be $200 more expensive!
  9. I'm happy to send some across from State side at $700 *comic font for those on mobile devices*
  10. LOL. Dude, it's actually just how the 1st world works - regardless of how big / populous the country is. Case in point: booked driving exam day before, took learner test hour before exam, passed, processed, took driving test, passed, card arrived in post two days later. (Temporary card printed on site at the time). USA - population/area of a couple states exceed SA population and area....
  11. Rubio Monocoat for the win. Or Bona Craft oil (essentially the same thing - different brand). You can then leave as is or apply a seal coat for a little more protection...
  12. To everyone thinking about not doing the event because it is just not the same: If I was in a position to ride it, this is exactly the reason I would be jumping at it. This will probably (hopefully) be the only chance you ever get to ride these altered start times. It will be a completely different ride. Everyone saying this will be my sixth or 7th ride and it just won't be the same - well, this one will be like none of the others! Do it! Support Ecobound now so they are in a position to support you in 2022 and beyond.... Just think of the stories you can tell ---- "I remember, back in 2021 I had to get up at 2am in the morning..." (In all honesty, I would rather get up at 2am than have to ride until 2am...)
  13. This right here... Reading through comments, a lot of the suggestions rely on 'The System' to fix things. Tougher laws, more cops, reduced speeds etc etc. All valid points. But in my opinion the change starts with us (not just cyclists - all of us). If you are going to drive, just don't drink. If you can't do this, arrange for someone else to drive or rely on commercial services. If we go out, have a few drinks and then drive, we are setting precedents for ourselves and everyone around us - especially the youth. They see everyone having 'a few drinks' and then get in a car - subconsciously this makes it normal and acceptable. There is not much else we can do. But this one step is within our remit. Try it. Get someone else to try it. Its a start... Make it the norm. Society has to change as I doubt laws will have any meaningful impact.
  14. I suspect if you have a seeding you get your entry for free? Can't say with any certainty... Big shots aside, there are also a large percentage of international Joe Soaps. I remember 2017 the split was pretty much 50/50 international/local . Not sure of the numbers for the last couple years.. I've been out of the loop since leaving.... So assuming flight restrictions, health concerns etc etc are still in play 5 months from now, there may be a hundred odd entries available?
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