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4 day work week


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Good morning, Hubbers.

Happy Monday to everyone.

I'm reading this article now about the first successful trial of the 4 day work week in South Africa by an organization called 4 Day Workweek South Africa.

SA results are in: 4 day week an unexpected success (msn.com)

Who was part of this trial? Has anyone on this forum tried this out? 

Let's debate about the real world viability of this in Souf Africa.

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Hey, I battle to work one day a week but alas.


the trial here was successful too. But in time it becomes the new normal and productivity will go to previous levels I reckon. Ultimately though as we move to a knowledge economy this is going to happen. To attract personnel companies are using good incentives like work from home and reduced hours. 

will it work in ZA, I see no reason why not. But obviously the ZA economy is more labour orientated like mines and farms etc and those industries need hands on all the time. 

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