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  1. One case I have been watching with fascination even after moving has been the case against vodacom regarding the “please call me” saga. latest is vodcom should pay in excess of 29 billion rand. Crazy crazy. Vodacom now approaching the con court. A loss there will cause them untold damage. Mind boggling really. And to be honest , if the SCA got it wrong then one has to question the ability of the SCA. Very tricky situation and all parties stand to lose
  2. I agree, if I was going to ride up Africa it would be on an Africa twin. Horniest looking adventure bike of all of them. Probably most reliable too
  3. Let’s talk head torches. What do the ultra folks use for over night runs? main concern is comfort and longevity of the battery.
  4. So, Everton get some points back. Makes a mockery of the whole thing. but they face a second sanction possibly.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C30E__TM5wp/?igsh=cWcxcjluOXQ3cWww
  6. A few thoughts after living with the 850 GSA for a few weeks and a few hundred miles. the motor is incredibly lively compared to the 800GT, revs far quicker and pulls like a train, which is surprising given it’s only a few more horses and torque about the same ( on paper). Given the gsa weights a lil more than the GT makes it even more surprising. Speaking of weight, the GSA is a lardy beast and carries the weight relatively high. It’s a lil intimidating to be honest and coupled with the 21 inch front wheel , the high seat height (875 mm) makes it a large beast. At slow speeds it’s something I am aware of and need to be careful. Won’t be green laning any time soon but off the beaten track on nice dirt roads is a pleasure. the electronic components of the bike are amazing. Adjust seat height etc , loads of info on the dash and the navigation works well. Never liked the sat nav systems so the gsm nvigation is great. And the app that interfaces is excellent. First time for me to have this feature. The cruise control works well , although unlikely to use it too much here but going up to Scotland in July so will use it to give my hand a break every now and again, works well. The speed shifter is something I doubt I will use. Just no need for it on a street bike and having ridden for 40 odd years without one it’s not something I would view as needed. BMW ownership experience is amazing. Can’t fault it. Part of the ownership experience and KTM could learn a thing or 2 here. Price of the GS and GSA is a little on the high side when comparing to other brands but the residuals are higher so all good there I spose. great bike all round. Will need to learn how to ride it properly at low speeds and being mindful of the weight. The new GSA900 is almost the same bike with the larger motor at a few grand more for one more model year and the GS900 has a few changes but at a bit more expense. The GSA models are always a year behind the GS models. Example the GSA1250 is still being built for this model year .
  7. Heavy trip. Actually so bad it’s good and they making a second one Minka Hustonen’s (sp) eyes are the most beautiful I have ever seen.
  8. Drive to survive season 6 dropped.
  9. Wow, excellent price that. New model coming out so gotta clear stock. read an article that Honda in Europe have sold around 250 000 DCT Motorcycles. Quite amazing actually. on another note, don’t know if you get the BMW CE04 in ZA. Thye available here at around 13 grand. Not seen on on the road in the uk only in dealerships. Was in Paris last week and saw loads of them in the city. Seem popular even at the price
  10. Dan the man Patlansky. A Treasure, as good if not better than Joe.
  11. got me a ticket for October at Hammersmith odeon. ( now called Apollo)
  12. Bought for about 180 bar, sold for 305 bar. Not bad business. although the numbers are obscured somewhat.
  13. Self made millionaire business man deserves a bit more love I reckon. Worth over 2 billion quid. if he can save the enterprise and make it profitable then bravo.
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