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  1. Great race, well done to 44.... 100 not out. Great race from Max...
  2. I hear you. This sportster is aimed at the Indian scout ( think it’s called scout). Harley must be losing sales to that. but 15 is the yardstick and sportster was always a cheap Harley. 15 ain’t cheap. Looking forward to more new launches. Harley go big here so a nice day out. Free coffee an biscuits.
  3. IceCreamMan


    That young lad Maverick vinales cousin died. RIP. Only 15. Tragic
  4. 44 getting erratic this weekend. Bad fashion an 33 rattling him. that said he is very lucky to only be 4th.
  5. New sportster at local dealer. Roadshow for it. They got 4 demos. Not a bad bike but 15 large for a one seater won’t fly with missus. Also 120 bhp defeats the ethos of Harley here. Not needed. My 12 bhp roadster is more than enough.
  6. 33 to start from back of grid. Look , i understand the rationale for budgets and all those things but to artificially control races in this manner is no good and detracts from the spectacle. Why punish the driver for a team issue. Maybe punish the team by deducting points from constructors or something.
  7. "Condition and recalibrate" Well, so says Toto. Wonder what that means ...
  8. So Weymouth 2021 was a lovely sunny warm autumn day. Unfortunately i tore a calf muscle at Brighton Marathon the week before so i spectated and supported and drank beer. I did register to ensure i got my 257 quid bag. Life is like that sometimes. As to Brighton Marathon, a lovely day too. I should have stopped when i felt the muscle issue but of course an ironman never surrenders and a fast walk became a slow walk became i cant carry on. I was gutted as i had done a lot of ttraining and felt superb , felt like an ironman again after a few years of feeling unlike one. But like is like that. As the Brighton shirt proudly exclaimed, make the come back stronger than the set back. Wife an i entered the 2022 Brighton marathon (april 2022) so will work towards that and will enter WEymouth again for 2022.
  9. After more than 4 years and around 20 000 miles of riding all over this island i got my first traffic fine. After commuting for a few years into london etc without a fine imagine my surprise picking up a fine. Sometimes a working post office is a bitch. My transgression, riding in the bus lane coming out of Brighton. Now, all over london this is permitted, in fact wherever i have ridden its permitted. Riding into Brighton i checked the signs and motorcycles permitted. Aha, my error is not checking the signs coming out of brighton on my way home. 60 quid, but if i pay before 6 October only 30 quid.
  10. Got some of these for a mate with a cx 500. ( similar). Original NOS. Lots of classic bike sales here in summer. Think I paid 75 quid after haggling a lil. stuff you can find here is amazing. Keep an eye on breakers an classics groups.
  11. But for some stupidity and fate Schumie could have won more championships. I have always believed that but what he did at Ferrari was masterclass. Something the record books will never show. Something that Lewis has yet to do. For that reason i agree , in my books Shumie is certainly the GOAT in "my" era. I have been watching F1 since late 70's. Although my interest did wane a bit its coming back. I was a huge Ferrari fan but being a turncoat and living 5 miles from Mclaren has kind of made me a closet Mclaren fan. Have the cap etc. I started putting woo to my lovely wife in the year 2000. She supported mclaren cos a friend of hers was a mechanic in coulthards team. anyway , some of the footage shown we remembered exactly what we were doing during that race. WE use to have a gathering every F1 sunday with another couple and eat foods of the region where the F1 was being held. My wife was a schumie detractor but after watching the doccie she has new found respect for the man. He had his failures, none more so than on the track as we all do. But generally a good guy. damn fine looking kids i reckon
  12. Just watched. Well worth a watch. All the race footage I watched back in the day. Amazing how the mind remembers things. Was a big F1 fan in that era. great fliek
  13. Yamaha celebrates 60 years of World Grand Prix racing w... | Visordown
  14. My mate is old school. He is the only ou I ever hear use the term “cat” these days. Until now anyway.
  15. Could you not leave the scooter at work and only use it there? Thus not needing to move it around and modify the car. Dont need it at home after all. I like the crowd funding idea.
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