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Good rides in the Golden Gate area?


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Yes, on the road, if you go into Golden Gate, probably 500m meters after the filling station you'll find a tourist road going to the right (Blesbok Loop).  This loop is a one-way and has a few lookout spots and usually plenty of bucks etc. if you scout the grasslands.  As soon as you reach the main road again after a steep downhill, cross over to the Oribi Loop which goes past the vulture lookout.  Pack your climbing legs and gears and take it easy on the downhills the first time around.  Longer routes on the road can be back to Clarens (narrow road, but not too much traffic) and then the Clarens/Fouriesburg road, which has a wider shoulder.  I know one can also do a large loop on gravel around the northern mountains, but I am not familiar with the exact routes to take.

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Just across the road from Kiara Lodge, that bus place, they have some trails.  Not great, but still lekker.

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