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  1. 2c, check out the equivalent titan cypher in that price range... you may be surprised at spec. We couldn't find a better alternative a year ago and that bike hasn't missed a beat.
  2. There used to be a place in Centurion called tigco tech welding. He welded up a motorbike swingarm and a couple of years ago for me. Really was quality welding.
  3. I drilled and tapped a 6mm hole in the top and side of the receiver. Grub screw in each solved all rattles.
  4. in the motocross/offroad bike fraternity a couple of alternates have been used. Fork oil, baby oil, ATF. Personally I would see if you can get some from motorex, think it is hydraulic 75. The old KTM clutches used mineral oil not brake fluid...
  5. I used an angle grinder to make my anvil out of some railway line steel if that counts?
  6. It is sad, I bought a Momsen AL129 back in ±2012. I hammered it for a good few years, sold it to a friend who hammered it even harder for a few more years till it was stolen and the bike never gave a day's trouble. Just had the usual running repairs and maintenance
  7. We had to pay a lot more than R250 to get a yellow fever vaccination and vaccination passport to race the 1Zambia Mtb race about 4 years ago already. I see no issue with the whole situation?
  8. try the local bearing man, take it with you for them to look at
  9. probably get better results dropping a caffeine tablet pre workout...
  10. Well GPS signal is emitted 24/7 all over the globe since the 80's, so if it was that signal it would have been researched by now. The receivers just read signal(which is a time measurement) and calculate a location from it. So it is not the GPS Signal. The Curve itself transmits that location to a central server via gsm/cellphone network, again not even 5g causes stuff like this(sorry anti vaxxers). The reality is that you probably put your cellphone in your front pocket right on your hip. Given that your phone has the exact same technology and signal in/outputs and sits even closer to you hip means that it is just a coincidental feeling you are having while cycling. The counter to this is that it could be the particular route, a slight variance in temp or tyre pressure that is causing the pain. Maybe without your gps tracker you didn't ride as far etc. It is easy to blame tech when you don't understand it. Chances are it is something far simpler causing the issue.
  11. the other thing is the commercial value on having someone walk through the store door when dropping off/collecting a bike. Think back to the last 5 times you collected a bike from a service. How many times did you end up buying something extra on the way out? Bottles, tubes, bombs, lube, gloves, socks, energy drink etc. You lose a fair few sales by dropping something off or servicing on site.
  12. In My Opinion; The Van will need to carry a massive amount of spares. If you take 1 full set of spares for the shimano/sram - mtb, road, downhill, enduro and gravel. Then the same with tires, brake pads, grips, pedals etc. This is before you start stocking bearings, and other replacement parts. You will also need a full cleaning facility because people are stupid and at least 1 customer a week will have a filthy bike. Carrying water, hoses, dirty water storage and not messing the above mentioned driveway is a mission. You will also always be under pressure on site in a rush to get it done. For me rather send someone to collect it. Take the day, source the parts(instead of stocking it all), have a good coffee while you work with space and comfort so that when you send a driver to drop it off. The bike has been sorted thoroughly.
  13. wouldn't touch a 2nd hand helmet with a barge pole. Not many shops have a no return policy on helmets because one drop and the polystyrene can be creased or a micro crack in the shell. fixed
  14. here is an interesting one to derail the topic. There are more news articles about people in ICU for overdosing with Animal Ivermectin than there have been people in ICU for vaccine reactions...
  15. I honestly don't see how people can see this as an ethical ok. People getting IV drips for hangovers and stuff is questionable in my mind, let alone a bit of a booster for training purposes. I have had a drip mid race before. I was happy to be excluded from the results. 30km into the 60km run I was throwing up everything, crossed the line with clouded vision, stumbling, totally dehydrated unable to get anything into my body. With a 120km mtb ride the following day I was all too happy to get a drip. 2 hours later and I was back up and running, hydrated, able to eat again and I was fastest on the mtb leg the next day (even though it didn't count). So I know exactly how good a drip can be. To me, unless a medical doctor is telling you that you definitely need one. It is pretty much doping.
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