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  1. you know how many american stores flat out refuse to send stuff to SA, even with private courier. Just because of how slow/unreliable customs and what not is. Had it with boat parts last year. Just a plain no. Even with the most expensive trackable shipping option they refused.
  2. Would happily replace the swim with a surfski though.
  3. Sometimes it is also a curse, with the expectation of performance
  4. That swim would be a beast. Considering all things iconic, it would make for an epic day out. Rough end with that run but well worth it. Could easily make our version of Norseman/swedeman/celtman.
  5. It is very interesting, my take on the whole NZ rugby thing is they are on average better runners. So they play more rugby in 80mins compared to the rest. McCaw at Godzone adventure this year was an absolute beast, even taking on navigation responsibility. I am willing to bet money that not one of the saffer rugby players with 3 years prep would be racing at that level. If you can make a steal at 1 in every 3 rucks you get to. Then by getting to double the rucks you make double the steals. Killian Jornet not only a champion runner but also a champion Ski Mountaineer. Nasser Al-Attiyah- Won Dakar rally but also has an Olympic bronze medal for skeet shooting.
  6. swim Robben island to Big Bay. Cycle Paarl, Stellies Simonstown, Hout bay to end at the Waterfront. Run over the hill and back for sport? Sounds like a triathlon that could tempt me...
  7. Lets be real, all we actually want to see is Dangerholm getting hold of one of these and making a sub 8kg super sleek beaut....
  8. My 2c is plan carefully and you can do it for a lot cheaper. But the reality is, if you see your workshop as an investment buy the tool. If you save 20k by doing your own kitchen, 7k on a tool to make it happen is an investment. I built our entire kitchen last year just after hard lockdown. Cupboard carcasses, shelves, wood window sills etc. I did it all with an entry level table saw and the cuts were all within 3-4mm over the length. We did build a good in feeding and outflow table set up with scrap wood which makes a massive difference. With building cupboards there are probable only 5 length cuts you will make. Height, depth for the side panels, same depth and then standard width for shelves and bases etc. So I made a temporary fence that was super strong and screwed down to the extended table platform. Also made like a lot easier. Then when you cut, cut all to depth, then to height and so on. I used plywood and slotted everything, which may have been overkill, but those cupboards were super straight and super strong. There are however other ways that I can highly recommend. 1 Option for chipboard type cupboards which I have used successfully- Draw out all your cuts needed from the board. Buy the board at builders and get them to do the cuts for you. I needed a quick extra full height double door cupboard. Honestly it was so easy, buy the board, they do all the cuts. Get home and assemble with brackets/hinges. Carcass was done in honestly 2 hours including the drive to builders. I know leroy, chamberlains, etc also do cutting so there are option. Usually it is some silly little fee per cut. The 2nd option I can advise is to use somewhere like Made in Workshop here in Randburg.https://www.madeinworkshop.co.za/ Basically you pay for machine time in their workshop, they have a large format panel saw and a whole bunch of other stuff. So get the wood and the plan ready, book a day and go do all your big cuts. Then you just need to assemble it at home. They have a full workshop available, wood, metal 3d print etc. Very useful place. Then what we found most effective and cost efficient is to use for doors is a company called SA Wrap. https://sawrap.co.za/ You go online, choose a door style, colour and texture. Specify each door and drawer front by size. Specify how many hinge holes into their form. It gives you an automated quote. I think our kitchen doors were ready 4 days after accepting quote. Really professionally done, it looks great when put on the carcasses and it is actually really cheap if you have built your carcasses.
  9. I have a LED Lensor SEO(Think it is a 7) that is an awesome headlamp. It comes with a rechargeable battery which you can pull out and put aaa batteries in if needed. I typically use the rechargeable for camping and around the farm but for longer events you can move to aaa batteries or better yet rechargeable aaa batteries. A good headlamp is a solid investment though. The SEO also gives you the capability to have a spot or a broader beam which is useful. I think the SEO5 also has the rechargeable option, also a great headlamp. The other one we have is a iH8r from led lensor. It uses a rechargeable 18650 battery, we have a few really good spare batteries for it. Also just a great torch. A bit heavier but a lot more range in the light. Great for security etc, not needed for running though.
  10. Must say, I am really liking the idea of moving to a tow hitch receiver type bike rack. Not having a tow ball at all in the mix, just slot it into the receiver and pop the pin in.
  11. Also once you have worked with cellphone tracking/movement data which is easily available. You can quickly track down a phone once stolen and cluster it's home and work locations with ease. You will lose your contract with the movement data suppliers immediately though and rightfully so. In fact some of the data suppliers have been banned by the google and apple app stores due to selling data to military...
  12. Periodization and polarization might help a little? Prediodization example- 4 week block where each week is more/harder than the last until the 4th week which is super easy. Polarization - Easy days/rides must be easy, hard rides must be hard. Not too much in the middle. This is from what my coach is doing for me and it has really helped. Actually a good coach monitoring the training load is also probably the best idea. Some weeks I think coach has my elastic band stretched to the breaking point but he still hasn't snapped it.
  13. and the cold front is still on the way...
  14. Was supposed to run Rhodes run on the weekend, but that didn't happen. Generally little depro and very angry with the number of idiots around. It is not hard, follow the rules try not spread the disease and the restrictions will ease and we can get back to life. Been doing a lot of manual labor on the farm in the evenings and weekends and without lifting a single weight in the form of training I have gained about 5kg but and feeling leaner than ever. Managed a 1 arm push up for the first time in years the other day so fitness wise am enjoying good natural general fitness. FarmFIT definitely works a treat. 20 reps of hitting a tire with a hammer in an angryfit box is one thing. Driving 50 Y-standards into the ground in a day is a totally different ball game. Enjoying feeling strong again and not just in flimsy running form, running has definitely not liked the extra weight though. Goals are now just fun runs and hikes with the mrs till we vaccinated. Actually nervous of tough training sessions and big runs. If you catch covid and it coincides with the few days after an ultra when your body is drained and under stress, I don't see it ending well.(this coming from a guy who raced himself into pneumonia 2 years ago)
  15. Milton will sort that out. You should use it anyway with all bottles. This^^^- even better if it is a free bottle...
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