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Stolen: Specialized Sequoia (Western Cape)

Max We

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Eish, sorry to hear. You really need an old banger to get around in Stellies, these high end bikes are just targets for those thieving bastards who troll around the town.

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My bike was stolen from the Stellenbosch University Campus in front of the Industrial Psychology Building on 26. March.

When I found out that it was stolen, I called Campus Security and they saw on video footage that the bike was taken 7 minutes before. I reported the theft to Campus Security and then went to the police station and opened a case of theft there. 

The next morning Campus Security called me to tell me that a suspect person was arrested. It seems like they found a suspect person while I was reporting the case at the police station.

From the police station in Stellenbosch I just got my Case number two days later via SMS. I was also informed via SMS that "Suspect was arrested and charged and first appearance in court will be 28. March 2024 and "Serg. ... will investigate my case"

After that, I did not get further information from the police yet. I also went there in person but the responsible detective was not there and I didn't reach him by phone yet. The police also checked for my bike and told me it's not there. Campus Security also told informed that the suspect was found without my bike and that it's up to the police detective to gather information from the suspect (by e.g. interviewing him) and that I should ask for lost + found bicycles at police station next week.

As I'm not from South Africa (just here for a reserach stay with my family), I don't know what to expect and would like to ask the community here: 

  • Is there any realistic chance of getting the bike back? (Or money)
  • The suspect has been arrested, but what if he doesn't say or doesn't know where the bike is? 
  • What would you advise me to do in my situation? 

Attached 2 pictures of my beloved Specialized Sequoia



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The investigating officer is your main link.

He does have a boss (head of detectives) that you can appeal to for information if you don't get any.

Possibly offering a reward might provide an incentive...(post the notice on the detectives door if you don't hear much).

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Thanks @robbybzgo

I reached the detective yesterday and he was actually very nice and supportive. He told me the process in court is still ongoing. 

But from how I see it, the chance to get my bike back is very low

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On 4/3/2024 at 3:31 PM, Max We said:

Thanks @robbybzgo

But from how I see it, the chance to get my bike back is very low


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To be honest, dealing with the SAPS on a daily basis. 
There is pretty much zero chance of the recovery of the bike, if the suspect was not found with the bike, the chance of recovery is very very small. 

With regards to any monetary refund/payout there is no chance, if you considering approaching the state or suspect. 

Trusting you possibly took international travelers insurance, that could possibly step in for you. 

The SA justice system is not going to be your friend, its a very slow process, and a painful process. 

In this matter, its going to sound harsh, but you might have to write this loss off, and move on. 

Hope this helps. 

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