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  1. A cheap fix is to cut some cardboard pieces out to fit inside your car windows to block the sun. A foldout sunscreen for the front window will keep the temperature down in the car. I often use an old white cloth (cut to size) that I drape over the sun facing windows and tuck them into the doors then close the doors on them. Cheap and easy fix...
  2. A mild hijack - for Matt's attention: What can you do (Admin) when I (buyer) have a written agreement (messages) to purchase an item. The buyer then reneges on the deal. I then give him a low rating. He the spitefully gives me a low rating back (as revenge) making up a cock and bull story (that can be proven as false via the messages sent). What is the RECOURSE??
  3. It sounds like he just isn't taking enough recovery time off. Does he use a watch/GPS unit to monitor his work load and then recovery time needed. A good quality rehydration solution should be used after heavy sessions otherwise essential minerals are depleted. My 90 year old father works out on an indoor bike and a rower and he gets a rehydrate solution after each session. Nobody likes to admit that they are getting older but scaling back on what you used to do is always something that we need to keep in mind...
  4. I've found a saddle clamp, just looking for the seatpost clamp/wedge. Could always borrow one to get another manufactured from it... Let me know if you've got one...?
  5. Thanks for your input... He is in the loop. Just need to get that seatpost clamp in hand or a schematic of it...
  6. Sounds like a great idea...who might have a Wilier Blade 2016??...that I can borrow your seatpost clamp for a couple of days in Durbs..? I can purchase the saddle clamp...found one, just the seatpost wedge/ clamp needed.
  7. ASG (quite difficult to get hold of) have a saddle clamp but not a seatpost! Don't think that they are Wilier agents anymore. Have trawled the net for other sources but absolutely no luck...
  8. Looking by for a Wilier Triestina Blade 2016 saddle clamp and seatpost clamp/ wedge if any triathlete crashed his frame and maybe didn't replace it...?
  9. Parts needed, especially the saddle clamp and the seatpost clamp/ wedge. Maybe someone crashed their frame and didn't replace it??
  10. Ceck out the Apple store for Cadence/ power/ speed sensors apps. See if it brings up anything?
  11. I assume that your watch measures your heart rate so you now need a speed & cadence device (or power & cadence). Unfortunately they don't come cheaply. Find out what devices will sync to your watch and make the purchase and away you go.
  12. Thanks to the kind Hubber who DM'd me. The box will be collected later this afternoon...
  13. Just bought a set of road wheels (without cassette) from a Hubber in Southern JHB area and we need a cardboard wheel box (as local bike shop has none). Will be much appreciated if you have one to give...?
  14. robbybzgo

    Polar V800

    You can pick them up for between R1800 and R2500 (I have) preferably with a working stap and HRM (H1 or preferably H10). As a GPS tracker they are excellent (accurate) but it all depends on its secondhand condition. For running and triathlons the V800 still gives accurate readings with a chest strap. Watch based LEDs can be less accurate on heart rate. Newer watches have got newer software features so it's a toss up on which way you go. I had mine (V800 that I purchased new) conk on me but it was within it's warrantee so polar SA gave me a new one. Try allowing your watch to cool down before plunging it into cold water. The drop in temperature could cause a drop in the pressure inside the watch that could allow for water to enter the watch. Good luck with decision...
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