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Anyone flown a bike on Turkish airlines?

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Hi all


Has anyone got some experience with flying a bike on Turkish Airlines? Flying with Qatar is simple but I’m on turkish this trip, when I left SA I payed the R3600 to fly the bike but now that I’m returning soon I’ve got a bit of a concern, it’s quite hard to find a clear answer but it seems that the R3600 was only for one direction of my return ticket? I phoned the airline last week but couldn’t really understand what the guy was saying and I don’t think he knew too much either. It’s worth noting I also moved my flight and got a notification that any additional sporting equipment or extra baggage purchased would still be valid for the new return date. However when I check my reservation, there is no listed addition baggage purchased. 

Any info would be appreciated 

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I checked my receipt as recommended by @michaelbiker and I see it is indeed just one way, however phoning Turkish airlines again for another reason and I asked again just to be sure and the guy said I have a reservation for a bike on my ticket so I’m back to square one. 

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