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  1. Sure: https://www.strava.com/activities/5903127713
  2. Greyton on the weekend. Soggy trails but amazing views.
  3. A bit of tar and gravel today along Karwyderskraal road as the trails are literally underwater.
  4. I rotate between 2 chains. So hopefully 20k out of the cassette and chainring.
  5. I have actually been thinking about this as a side business and doing a bit of research on it. For a few hundred rand you would send me your dirty chains and I would then clean them in my ultrasonic cleaner and then cook them in paraffin wax with a few extra additives. The application lasts about 600km in dry road conditions and can be topped up with a wax based lube for a couple hundred more before the chain needs to be treated again. Was also thinking of selling pre-treated, new chains. I estimate an XX1 chain can probably last about 10 000km if treated like this. It’s an estimate because mine is only on 5000km and still going strong. Any takers?
  6. It is indeed Hemel en aarde trails in Hermanus.
  7. Get rid of the last remnants of energy before the storms hit tomorrow
  8. Oak Valley today. Was super muddy but lots of fun as usual.
  9. Cold start but an amazing ride. Thought I’d explore some of the gravel roads in the area after a bit of single track up the black route in Hemel-en-aarde. This winter weather is ace!
  10. Quite amazed at how quickly the trail fairies at Hemel-en-aarde trails have repaired the damage from the recent storms. Almost all the damage had been fixed. On another note: wouldn’t it be awesome if we could use our Discovery Miles to buy annual permits at participating trails? I’d be up for that.
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