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Where else would you get this


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I would just like to thank the guy who found my cell phone and handed it in at the Organisers tent of the West coast cycle tour.

I must have dropped the phone whilst I was changing and did not miss it for some time.


The announcer then says a phone has been found next to a Peugeot and could the owner come and identify it. My JACK RUSSEL screen saver worked for me!!!!


Then the best comes .


The guy just announces to all there what a wonderful sport we have with people who are so honest .


It truly makes me proud to be a part of this sport !!!!!


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You're lucky. Following a recent car accident in Portugal I lost my wallet, cell phone, shoes as well as the clothes I was wearing.


Oh yes and here I'm missing a Toyota Corolla and a Honda CX500.
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Guest colonel

Steve: Thats JHB for you, here in Cape Town we all mates.

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