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  1. I'm sad to report that I've read this whole thread carefully and this has to be one of the most disgustingly low responses I've ever seen. Surely doesn't do cycling any favours at all.
  2. My 2cents worth on all this: idrive makes a very good point (like others) but I think a lot of you have been far too quick to crucify him .............. anyway this wasn't even a cycling related incident to begin with!
  3. steve


    see ............ he wasn't wearing a helmet and look what happened!!
  4. AS mentioned, importers have to do things by the book which costs them money but then they are crucified if they say. "we don't service 'grey imports'" I support my local dealer because if I have a problem he'll sort it out! steve2008-01-09 01:25:40
  5. Wait!! I think I've spoken a broke ...... no wait, I've broken a spoke!
  6. steve


    I know very little about him, but he's done something right otherwise he wouldn't be one of SA's best known entertainers or celebrities.
  7. I've done 2 races - the Bakwena and 94.7 - Bakwena was fine, no problem, but I was appalled by the poor road behaviour of most riders I saw on the 94.7. The concept of keeping left was out the window and people suddenly deciding to stop was, in my opinion, extremely dangerous. I started at 9:00 am and quite frankly I think mtb races are more fun and safer.
  8. my 8 cents worth (inflation!!) ........... nobody intentionally causes someone to crash. Sure you do get those who could be described as 'forceful' riders, but in the name of competition there are no friends at even 15 km/h. You'll find most people don't believe they caused the crash in the first place. Anyway, if people suddenly slowed to find out how everyone was would that not cause an even bigger crash?
  9. ......... so what did loverlygirl say, what's all the fuss about??
  10. Well said! and if the rest of you look carefully you'll see there's rather a lot of muscle on them. I took the pic at the 94.7 in 2005 and they were nowhere near the back of the field. I posted the pic because it is an interesting pic ............... not for everyone to insult them or take the piss out of them. C'mon, be nice ...............!!!!steve2008-01-06 08:13:15
  11. plane was found this evening ......... not a good outcome though.
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