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Am I being paranoid? Trek Remedy...


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's up all?




I fear I'm being overly paranoid about this, so do excuse me if it happens to be a daft question...




This past weekend while out riding I discovered that the main suspension pivot [bolt] on my '06 Trek Remedy frame had come loose.




It took us a few km's to work out that this was the cause of the odd ride.




When I got Home I set about tightening the pivot bolt on my bike with the correct-size allen key.




It is now tight, and although I can see a slight metal shaving on the exit side of the frame, I put it down to a tight fit. Nothing is stripped - this is a definate.




My worry is that in order to tighten the rather snug bolt, I had to push down on the rear-half of the bike in order to line up the chainstays where the pivot bolt exited the mainframe, although not much, perhaps a mm or two.




Should I be concerned about that line-up with regards to a slight bend, or metal fatigue in the suspension, or not?




It seems to ride fine, and everything seems to be working suspension-wise, but the fact that I had to line things up ever so slightly is on my Mind.




Am I being paranoid or what? smiley9.gif




Thanks, N.





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Paranoid !!


RE metal shaving on exit side of bolt . Get a small washer on the bolt side . You are damaging your swing arm everytime you tighten that bolt .
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I would be inclined to say you have nothing to worry about.  I would expect some degree of lining up would be required if the bolt had worked its way loose.  If the bolt tightened reasonably without stripping the threads once lined up then I don't see what you would have to worry about other than the bolt coming loose again.

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Thanks guys. :)




...helps put my Mind at ease. :)




If it comes loose again, or feels jerky on the upswing, I'll take it in for checking, otherwise I'll ride it as-is. :)




Cheers, N.

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