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  1. dirtrider

    RiP Thug

    Not a good way to start the weekend. We had many great rides and races together, the last one 2022 Freedom Circuit. Always willing to help and just listen, a real gentleman that I am going to miss a lot. Cheers mate RIP.
  2. Since I will do the race again, decided to see if anybody got some exciting tips to share. 😁
  3. You need a bike , some water bottles and clean clothes.
  4. Not even going to complain. Simply will not be doing it. They are turning a family event (which most families' cannot afford anymore) into a race for the elite.
  5. Yip man and here I was quite chuffed with my 1x9 setup with 32 up front !🙄
  6. Relax. Don't think we are looking at hurricane winds.
  7. This topic is so old I cannot recalled if I had an opinion but initially I would have given it the thumbs down. But I joined a very relaxed group of mtb'ers here in town with a lot of older people and slow riders. Also lots of these E Bike things. Since I don't know alot of how these bikes worked I prepared myself for a very fast ride trying to stay with these beasts. Turned out that the riders of these bikes don't want to be riding out in the front of even race you up a hill but simply want to also be out there and not be afraid of not keeping with the group or holding up everybody. So there is definitely place for them on the mountains and trails. But it will be a long time before I swop the single speed for one of these things.
  8. It is obvious that there are a lot of things you don't understand. If there is a need to explain it then we can assume you will still not understand it. Beer would be nice afterwards.
  9. And don't forget that this thieves (some call them government) also want you to register your backup generator and pay for it's usage. Next they will want to TAX UPS devices.
  10. Normally when you build a SS you do it with the spares you got lying around. In your case it happens to be a 26 V-brake frame , then that is what you must use. There are no rules when building a SS except for it should not have GEARS. 26 Vbrake would be awesome although not as cool as a 26 back pedal setup.
  11. Getting to Peregrine is a problem. I am unable to find a route (besides the N2) from the Gordonsbay side. Will go and look at Tracks4Africa for a possible alternative route.
  12. Sorry to high-jack your discussion but anybody know if you can go around Steenbras dam (Gordonsbay area) and then cut across to the Kleinmond side without trespassing ?
  13. Finally moved back to Slaapstad but after 15 years not to sure what's still around . One of my favorite spots use to be Lebanon , this still an option ?
  14. Hi everybody Let's me start by thanking Vetseun and his family for their hospitality. Not only is he a demon on the bike, he also knows his way around the Braai. Now for the race. I was felling good when race started and did my normal slow start planning to put longer hours in. After the first waterpoint (30km) I joined a group of 4 and we plodded along nicely when all of a sudden I got attacked by cramps from all sides. I have never cramped before but knew I had to keep going and ride/walk it off. At next WP I loaded up on food, pills, drinks, gels and wherever else I could find. At 120km sore throat and a bloody ear pain made my ride miserable. Two strepsels in Medical kit help me to at least swallow my drinks and bars. Could not keep going for longer than 30 minutes and started alternating between cycling, walking and lying next to the road. At CP1 no power. GPS dead, power bank depleted and phone on 10%. Medic took my power bank to another station to charge and later return it. As many may know, I get lost going to the loo!!! Now I had to use the tracking skills I acquired at RASA. This slowed me down even more, I had a turtle running past me at one point. MY condition did not improve and the SMS from home had very clear instructions. 'stop now before we call race office'. That is why I am sitting by the pool now feeling sorry for myself.
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