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Just got of the phone with Central Gauteng Cycling office and am astounded at the costs involved in registering our club this year .


R650-00 affiliation , R75-00 per person(senior) hence the questions.



R75-00 x 30 = R2250-00


Total R2900-00.


In 2005 cost the club R250-00 only and we had one of the best inter-clubs seasons  as well. (Old GPPA)


Now with about 30 clubs registering at CGC this season : R19500-00

Say around 3500 members @R75-00 = R262500-00

Total =R282000-00


One wonders what is the benefit of belonging to CGC as last year there was NOTHING done for us cyclists to talk about .


Still waiting for the last three years financials to see how these funds were spent as none has been available at any of the AGM,s.


What is the other provinces charging their member clubs and how much of this goes to CSA if any, Only thinking aloud.   
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