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Is Schwinn any good


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I can purchase a schwinn mesa LTD for R3500.00.  Mech disc brakes, Rockshock J1.  What do you guys think, Im just starting out and want something that is ok.

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hey there. go ahead and read the advice I got under Mechanical vs Disc Brakes in the Tech Shack - if you can't start off with hydro disc brakes right away rather go for V-brakes and do the upgrade / buy a new bike later when you've got the bucks. also, worry more about the level of the components on the bike than staring yourself blind against the suspension (not that it's unimportant!). if you want to do anything cool with your new bike, you're gonna have to have Shimano Deore componentry all round, at the very least.

but hey, i'm still new too so let's hear what the big cats say.
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Drummie is learning real quick, at that price don't go with Discs rather V's and a better suspension fork.

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